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xbox and 480p?  

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Hi guys, Just got an xbox for my ht and have a few problems. First Men of Valor will not play when the xbox is set to 480p. The package says it supports this but I couldn't get it to work. I have a mits hd set and am confused on the game formats. Is 480p games also in widescreen? Or games that I should look for should have both 480p and widescreen marked on the package? Isn't 480p also widescreen. I have madden05 and MoV. Thanks, Jeff
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Not all 480p games are widescreen. It is silly and unfortunate but true.

Still some 4:3 480p games look pretty good stretched. Halo 1 for example.
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So when you put an XBOX game in and the TV doesn't switch to widescreen automatically, its mean't to be 4:3??.....i have the same issue
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When I put in men of valor under 480p I get a bunch of lines. Only when I switch to 480i does the game come in clear. The package states 480p. Thanks
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Men of Valor works great in 480p widescreen for me. And a widescreen game will not usually send the widescreen flag to your tv so they'll show up in 4:3 mode if you left your tv in that mode and you have to choose the stretch or full function to get them to display properly. Go to hdtvarcade.com to see what games support 16:9.
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