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Copying hdtv to dvd-rw  

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This may be a dumb question, but I am not a techhie. Has anybody tried to 1) copy a D-VHS recording of HDTV program to DVD disc by DVD-RW of PC via IEEE 1394 (I-link)? and 2) copy DVD ripped and HDD stored movie to a D-VHS tape via IEEE 1394? 3) Better yet, why not record HDTV program from I-link cable output of the tuner with a PC-DVD-RW device? How will the quality be and if it does not work, why wouldn't it work?

I have HD30000 and am considering to build a HTPC with IEEE 1394. It would be neat to record HD movies with DVD-RW, even it is two separate discs.
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Currently no one on this forum has been able to link a PVHD1000 to a 1394 firewire equipped PC. I for one am working on it.

You can do this however make HD DVD's or CDROM's with a HiPix card. The HiPix makes an MPEG file for each minute of time. These are basic DOS compatable files that can be copied to any computer media or even sent over the internet. Capacity is the issue and problem. At approx 7 gigabytes an hour, well you get the idea. I beleive it will be within a year when DVD ROM/RAM gets down to a comodity price like CDROM is now. I just bought a 100 pack of CDROM blanks last week at Costco for $38 and even got a mail in rebate. Once this get to DVDROM, using disks to archive movies will be cost effective. I can't wait.

P.S. I said ARCHIVE. That means dumping the entire movie from DVDROM to the hard disk for playback, that will take some time. But then again in time we will get DVDROM drives that can substain 20mbs playback rates, then after that will come 20mbs+ write rates.
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