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Temporary One Day Screen - Help?  

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Alright so here's the deal. I'm doing a Lord of the Rings marathon on Monday, and although I have all the sound for my HT, I don't have the big picture yet. I'm currently only using a 24" TV. I've asked a friend of the family if I can borrow his projector, he's said yes so I have that covered.

I need something to project on though, I can't just use a wall unfortunatley as my walls are blue and there's also a big hole in the way. I've asked my church if I can borrow one of their screens, but failing that, what material can I use? Is a big sheet of paper OK? What about a white bed sheet?

Here's a shot of the place I plan to be projecting into:



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I would say the thickest white bedsheet you can find.
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Not sure if you want to spend any money? But if you go to Menards, and go back to the aisle that has all the 4x8 sheets of various types of paneling staning up in slots, there is a 4 x 8 white product I believe by Parkland Plastics, it is about 1/8" - 1/4" thick. Looking at the edges it almost looks like a honey comb material. It basically is a matte white material, which will provide a great picture with a wide viewing cone and about a 1.0 gain. I believe a sheet of that stuff is less than 15-20 bucks....it looks like you could temporarily rest it our mount it above the molding below your current TV opening. then to really get crazy, you could find some black bed sheets to temporarily drape around the screen to give it that theatre look with better contrast and blacks perceived....

good luck

and show us pics on what you decide...
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i would say black out cloth. it will be much better than a white bed sheet and probably just as cheap. sheets can be quite expensive, especially for anything woven tight enough not to let light pass through.
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