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Anyone using HTPC, HDPVR and RPTV, please say I  

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I have a Pioneer SD532HD5, am looking into a HTPC plus Hipix or Win-HD, plus WinDVD to work with my TV. HD timeshifting is my main objective since I alreay have a progressive DVD player. It seems most folks who have HTPCs use projectors, so I wonder if any RPTV owners have sucessful experience with your setup? If so, what setup do you use and how difficult is to configure HTPC and Hipix/Win-TV/DVD for your RPTV?
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The HiPix is clearly the best choice because it records. I have a Hauppauge SDTV PVR and after that I would never buy another Hauppauge product. The HiPix has it's problems but the manufacture is very active on this forum and has been very responsive to correcting problems.

As far as interconnect, it's easy. It outputs either RGBHV in VGA format or YpBpR on the same cable. The switch is a menu option. It can also put HDTV video on the computer screen. It is not a VGA card but rather a seperate decoder with it's own video out. I.E. it does not replace your VGA card. Audio is either coaxial AC3 or it can do stereo through a sound card.

As for computer configuration may I suggest you look on the HTPC forum.
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I have a Runco 65" RPTV and I hooked up my HTPC w/HIPIX and all the other goodies to it. I used 960x540 at 60hz refresh rate and have no real problems. I have a program called powerstrip that does custom resolutions but i have not played with it yet. I purchased mt HTPC from Digital Connection and BOY WAS I HAPPY! They know HTPC and are NOT expensive at all. I suggest calling them first. Regards, Helfy

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I understand Hipix has its own HD output, my TV has vga in, but if I use the HD component in, do I also need a VGA-component transcoder like the DTC100? Some users seem to have issues with overscan of Hipix HD ouput, is it very much the same as any other HD STBs with component out?

I guess my HTPC configuration issue has more to do with playing back progressive DVD on the computer, but yes this part belongs in HTPC forum.
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No, Hipix has only one 15-pin VGA out for HD. I have seen one at their show room myself. Too bad I did not check their setup closely, they had a 46" Mits on demo, might just be using VGA-RGBHV breakout connection. But what about TVs having only RGB component for HD?
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Helfy- How is the OTA HD reception with the card?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by esimonso:
Helfy- How is the OTA HD reception with the card?</font>

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The OTA channels are very good and come in clear. They locked right in. I used an amplifler for my antenna because i split the signal twice. I also have the AccessTv card on order and am excited to use it.

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I have a HiPix connected to my Toshiba TW40X80. I'll try to answer the questions I understand.

It's easy to connect to my YPbPr inputs using an Audio Authority 9A60 transcoder.

HiPix (as do all Janus-based cards I'm aware of) has an analog switch at the output. So, if you use the included "pass-through" cable from your VGA card into the HiPix's port, you can simply use the UI's "Full Screen" radio button to select either VGA display or HiPix's video for your RPTV. Note that if you select the analog pass-through of your VGA display, the display format must be compatible with the requirements for your RPTV; the HiPix doesn't do any scan conversion. For my Toshiba TW40X80, I've only successfully used VGA at 640x480 (HDTV is at 1920x1080i), but I haven't tried PowerStrip yet.

If your RPTV has VGA in, it is compatible with the HiPix directly. If your RPTV accepts RGB, you'll need a VGA-to-RGBHV breakout cable. The sync also is carried at least on the G, so if your set doesn't have the H and V inputs, I don't think you need to worry, but I haven't tried this myself.

Note that the HiPix can transcode RGB into YPbPr without the AA 9A60. However, if you choose to use the on-board transcoder, be aware that the VGA analog pass-through is not transcoded. This means that you'll need to watch your VGA card's display on a separate monitor, and you won't be using the pass-through cable.

I can't comment on HiPix's overscan vs. other HD receivers. But knowing how a transcoder works, I don't see how there could possibly be a difference between RGB and YPrPb signals.

Some people are now excited about the AccessDTV card. It is now shipping from Digital Connection. There are threads about that card's benefits and drawback that you may want to read before making a purchase decision.

Hope this helps,

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