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Help select a DVD player without HDCP, please.  

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Help. I learned about this site 3 days ago. I've researched and scoured for info and answers. It's a lot of info to sift through. Now I need help.

I'm having a screening room built on my house. For now I want to use the projector I have. It's an Infocus LP630. I really like the PQ and how it has all kinds of inputs. The problem is, I'm pretty sure it is not HDCP compliant, but not positive. I suppose I could call Infocus, but maybe you guys can help.

I'm looking to get a DVD upscaler player. But I'm pretty sure it needs to not require HDCP.

I'd prefer to go DVI as I have my DVI to M1/P&A cable which I use from the computer to the projector. The DVI port on the PJ is really an M1/P&A, but I guess it's basically the same as DVI, just a little larger and not quite as high max res (1280x1024) I believe. The projector supports HDTV, 720p, 1080i, 480i and I beleive 480p.

From my searches, it seems that the Zenith DVB318 is a good choice, but does it have HDCP? I've read diffferent things in threads. Some say use the old firmware and I can upscale through component without HDCP, some say current firmware and I can upscale through DVI without HDCP, but some threads say the Zenith has HDCP. Now I'm confused.

Bravo D2 and Momitsu V880 both sound like what I need, plus they play Divx, which I use on my computer a bit, but I hear very negative and some positives about these players.

There is the new Oppo OPDV-971H player, which noone seems to have reviewed yet, plus the site says it won't upscale over component (not really a big problem unless it failed to work thru DVI with my PJ).

Then there is the LG brand which may or may not be similar to the Zenith.

If there are other recommendations, I'd love to hear, but like I said, my biggest concern is will it work thru DVI without HDCP on my PJ. I'd hate to have to mail order something, get it and find out it doesn't work for my PJ and then have to go thru the whole process sending it back. At least with some of the well known brands, I can return them locally to the store and try something different.

Also, one last question, maybe I should just forgo the DVD player and just build a dedicated PC for my theater. Would that give me just as good PQ as going with a standalone machine? I'd prefer a machine so my wife and daughter could use it with little assistance. Thanks.
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You pretty much answered your own quesitons...you've done your research. The three are 318, Momitsu, LG unit and Bravo. You also mentioned the other option which is HTPC. Now there is a company that makes HTCP plug and play units. Movi M2000 can be found here


Also, a ton of info in the power buy forum on this unit.

Another option is using a good standard player and the Iscan HD or HD+ scaler. You could have the player modded for SDI output and run the signal into the Iscan HD for one of the best images availlable today.

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I have the Zenith DVB318 and believe it is HDCP compliant and can't upscale to a non-compliant monitor through DVI. I only have HDCP compliant monitors though and can't check that theory.

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The best option for you is to run a player with a SDI output into a scaler like the ISCAN HD. You get the best of both worlds: The best video and no worry about HDCP with your projector.
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