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Q: Dish 5000 Modulator works with other DBS?  

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I dont think I've ever seen an answer to this, nor have I ever seen an exact description of the Dish 5000 modulator, so I'm just wondering ...

Does this modulator work with any DirecTV receivers? Or, perhaps more probably, does it work with ExpressVu receivers? (I believe ExpressVu uses older Dish equipment)


Andy K.
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The modulator is a small device about 5"x5"x1" that plugs into the back of the 5000 via a large connector that looks a great deal like the internal "PCI" bus socket that is in nearly all modern computers. It's a cable-less connection, with the modulator sticking awkwardly out of the back of the 5000.

If the ExpressVu sports such a connector it will probably work with the modulator.

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.
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Well, the ExpressVu HDTV box is the Model 6000 (http://www.expressvu.com/EN/prod/digit/model6000/model_6000.asp)

I cant comment on whether or not its the same box, does anyone else have any idea?


Andy K.
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The EVu 6000 is the Dish 6000, same hardware. It is not the same box as the discontinued 5000. I don't have personal experience, but I've read that EVu never offered the 5000 and you can't activate a Dish 5000 on an EVu account, so there's no way to use a 5000+modulator to get EVu HDTV.

- Fred
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The Expressvu6000 box which is sold by Expressvu can not be authorized for dish network programming because the unit ID numbers allocated for Expressvu are separate from dish network.As far as the OTA add-on module is concerned there is going to have to be a SOFTWARE download from Expressvu before the module can become active.At present Expressvu has not decided when this download will take place because of the lack of terrestrial HD broadcasting in Canada.
The starchoice HDD-201 on the other hand is identical to the HDD-200 and can receive starchoice HD as well as HDTV from HBO and SHOWTIME using a 4dtv with a big dish.I am presently using the HDD-201 for the CBS-HD from starchoice as well as HBO and SHOWTIME from my 4dtv.
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