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Last night I watched my D-VHS recording of FRANTIC, which aired on Cinemax. Nice. Finally, widescreen! Still a good movie.

DEAD AGAIN was on the other day and I snagged that as well. The first 10 minutes look quite good and it's DD5.1 to boot. Excellent!

Max also had THE ENGLISH PATIENT. Man, it just recks the DVD.

Next month The GODFATHER Part III is scheduled, as is THE FIRM and DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. The last one if Scope, so it may be cropped. That would be a shame. It will be interesting to see if the transfer is of the original version, or the one that had the finale altered due to a lawsuit Warner lost.

Starz has THE CROW. HDNet has EXCALIBUR. There are too many good films to list. January shall be a good month for recording. :cool: