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Help with PS2 and PLV Z2  

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I Really need some help here.
I want to connect my Ps2 with my Sanyo PLV Z2, so I bought the IXOS PS2-Component cable and connected it with my Denon Avr 1804. From there I connected the output with a IXOS component cable to my pj. I have set the dashboard on the PS2 to component output instead of RGB, and I get NO PICTURE??? Nothing not even the start up screen.
What am I doing wrong?? Hope someone can help a newbie from Denmark :(
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I'm having the same problems... and I think my Philips RPTV's component in really expects a minimum 480 scan lines to show up (it automatically does 100hz 120hz or progression conversion with other video sources, like my dvd player). Somehow, when I just use regular AV cables and pump it through my TV's other AV ports via the Harman Kardon receiver, the OSD of the Harman is cut off halfway at the bottom of the screen, indicating the PS2 isn't a full 480 lines....I check with other sources and the OSD is fine at the bottom, only the PS2 is wacked.
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I have a PS2 and PLV Z2. I have had no problems.

You may want to check to see if the input on the projector is set to component.

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1. Try connecting PS2 directly to Z2, taking out receiver to see if it's introducing the problem.

2. In the PS2 video menu, toggle to component to yPbPr instead of yCbCr or however that goes.

3. In the PS2 video menu, set to widescreen 16:9 TV.

Does the Z2 accept 480i on the component input?
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I have my PS2-Z2 connected via cheap component adapter->Onkyo HT-510 receiver->25' long cheap component cable->Z2. No problem.

You have something set incorrectly.
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To GKMad: I have tried to connect the ps2 directly to my Z2, still nothing. Yes as far as I know the Z2 accepts 480i on the component input. I can only select: RGB or YpbYc on my Ps2. Does it matter that my PS2 is an old 300004 pal version with a Messiah Bootchip??
I have tried to connect it with composite signal and that works, the picture is sh**, but it works.
I have also checked that the input om the Z2 is set to input 1, component..

I´m getting really frustrated
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So you say you have a PAL version PS2. Does the Z2 accept PAL signals? You could rent or borrow someone else's newer PS2 (NTSC version?) and see if that works.
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Z2 will accept PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N (page 8 in user manual). It will accept the following resolutions via component: 480i/p, 575i/p, 720p, 1035i, 1080i.

So, that doesn't seem to be the problem.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the modchip, but what, I don't know. Can you borrow an unmodified PS2 for testing?
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