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Source for DVHS tapes  

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Anyone know of a good source for DVHS tapes?

I used Tapeworld but I'd like to know of any others people have used.

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As a long-time customer of Tape World (and with no other connection to them) I feel obliged to mention that they will usually match the prices listed on Tape Warehouse's Web site.


Ron Gomes
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Ditto GregQuinn's comments about Tapewarehouse. However, I must add that paying for DVHS tape is wasting money for the PVHD1000. SVHS tape at lower pricing is much better deal.

Don Landis
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Second vote for TapeWarehouse. I like the Panasonic DF300E. They are $7.99 in 10 packs and have a nice sealed snap shut case. Problem is these have been hard to get recently. I guess I'm not the only one who likes them. I tried an old SVHS tape and it worked fine. At $10+ for most other DVHS stock I may jump over to SVHS myself. Don swears by them and has the biggest library known.
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I agree with Don that using S-tapes is the best way to archive HD content, and I think my library is slightly bigger than his:

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Thanks for pointing that out. Right now I basically have 2 problems:

1. finding enough room to store all those tapes.
2. finding enought time to actually watch all this content.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">ST-62BQ (1 hour)
ST-126BQ (2 hours)
ST-182BQ (3 hours, great for sports and long movies)</font>
I think that the 182 tape gives 200 minutes, not 180 minutes when used for Hidef.
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What am I missing here. I don't see any real savings using SVHS over DVHS.
I can get a 5 hour DVHS tape for $8-10. What SVHS tapes are suitable and cost less?

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A five hour D-VHS tape (DF-300) is really 2.5 hours when used to record HD at HS speed. A DF-300 has the same length as a 'T-150' S-VHS tape. Fuji's T-160 S-VHS tape runs about $5 a piece at tapewarehouse, and works great in the PV-HD1000 and HM-DH30000 D-VHS decks.

HS speed exactly equals SP mode for VHS recordings, so an ST-182 will give you 182 minutes of Hi-Def recording (plus 2 or 3 extra minutes for lead-in and lead-out).


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There is no dual-speed recording available on the Panasonic PV-HD1000 D-VHS recorders - only one speed no matter whether HD or STD is selected. You cannot get a D-VHS tape to run in 5-hour mode on this deck.

Therefore, you can substitute equivalent S-VHS tapes by run time. The Maxell ST-182 BQ records 182 minutes of D-VHS programming.

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