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difference between dst50 & dst51??  

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I'm looking to pick one up to pair with my hd1000 since it seems 169time is never coming. What is the difference between the two?

I can't seem to find any info about it here and the Panasonic web site seems to have removed all info about these boxes.

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The TU-DST50W was Panasonic's first DTV set-top box. It outputs all native ATSC formats (480p, 720p, 10080i) through YPbPr RCA jacks. It also provides simultaneous downconversion of signals to 480i through composite and S-video jacks.

It has variable aspect ratio selection for downconversion. Outputs include analog stereo audio plus Dolby AC3 through an optical jack.

An IEEE-1394 FireWire jack was provided for connection to the PV-HD1000 D-VHS recorder/player.

The first models were mistakenly built with thw wrong ICs in them, and were very heat-sensitive. Panasonic will fix any TU-DST50Ws with this problem for free - it involves a chip upgrade to the correct Schottky ICs, which don't run as hot.

The problem manifests as blue streaking and speckles on the image. TU-DST50W tuners can be bought quite cheaply as demo units - I saw one a couple months back at a local Circuit City. The have been sold for as little as $500.

The TU-DST51 was an interim tuner to fix many of the problems with the 50. It also supports all native ATSC formats and outputs YPbPr. It does not do simultaneous downconversion to composite video (no S-video option), but this output can be selected via a rear-panel switch. Dolby AC-3 optical and the IEEE-1394 interface are once again included.

The TU-DST51 also has a second NTSC tuner for analong signals with its own composite output and stereo audio.

TU-DST51 tuners are also available used. I have sen them as cheap as $650, but more typically $800 - $900.

Both products are discontinued from the Panasonic product line.

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The 51 is newer & apparently has 5C copy protection, but it was never adopted, so DVHS records fine from it just like the 50. The 50 has s-video output, but not the 51. The 51 has an NTSC tuner. Some 50's suffer from overheating/green sparkles problem.

Kevin must've posted a fraction of a second before me. His explanation is better. Mine's a 'Cliffnotes' version http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif


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Thank you both.

As someone who is having a DST-51 shipped to him as we speak, I was curious about the difference.

May I ask what else I will need besides my HD1000 to get and decode satellite signals?

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Thanks guys. That certainly clears things up.

I like the idea of s-vid output and simultaneous HD and 480i output with the dst50, but there is really no need for this feature unless I wanted to record using an analog VCR while watching HD. This feature would be nice on my DTC-100 but is useless with this STB. The overheating issue could be a problem.

I have no need for another NTSC tuner, so there seems to be little other benefit to the dst51 other than the overheating fix.

I guess I just need to find one a decent price now.

Thanks again.

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You will also need a DISH5000 receiver with the HDTV Module upgrade. Also, for HD you will need both the DISH500 dish and another 18" dish to point at the 61W satellite which contains the HD content.

The DISH5000 receivers are readily available, but the HDTV Module is getting extremely scarce.

Buddy Yaussy
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Or the 148 bird

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