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Need help connecting DH30000  

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Can someone help me connect or adjust my settings
on a Victor DH30000 I just bought from Kwon.The unit
came two weeks ago and I can't get an HD image out
of it.I can play SVHS tapes and watch them through
S video cable,but when I use the component out I
get no picture.I've gone through the menu and set
the component out I think,but the best I can get
is some scrolling like there's no sync.My component
signal is going through a Faroudja 250 to a front
projector with RGBHV inputs.
What am I doing wrong is there a diff. way to connect
or are the settings wrong?

Thanks in advance Sil
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To my knowledge the Faroudja 250 will not transcode 1080i YPrPb to RGBHV. Also, if you're trying to use 480i component into the Faroudja, there may be a bi-level vs. tri-level sync issue which is keeping you from seeing a picture.

You will need to buy a component to RGB transcoder from Key Digital or Extron. I have the Key Digital KD-CTC working great with a DH30000; at $200, it's a much better deal than Extron. However, the Key Digital unit does not remove the 'sync on green' that's embedded in the YPrPb signal. So what you get is RGBHV WITH sync on green. Most projectors will just pick a sync or let you select one type of sync over the other, but other projectors do not like sync on green together with H and V sync and will give you a washed out picture or no picture at all.

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Thanks for the info on Key Digital,I just ordered one.
The projector is a Marquee 8500LC but I don't know if
it will take sync on g.It has RGB & sep or comp.sync.
As for the Faroudja 251 it passes 1080i through the VGA
connection so I thought the 1080i component would also

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The Key Digital unit has a few DIP switches to let you select positive or negative sync, and/or composite sync. One of these settings will almost surely work fine on your Electrohome. I'm using a Sony 1292Q and it takes just about anything I throw at it.

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You definitley have a sync compatibility problem. I was able to get my Dish6000 to work with a vertical roll too. Then I needed to join the vertical and Hor sync cables with a T connector and connect to the composite sync in and this was the key to getting it to work.

To verify your VCR is working try to connect to another (computer) monitor and see if you get picture. Many computer monitors will auto sync to different signals while projectors will not without special adapters and wiring as mentioned in this thread.

Don Landis
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Thanks again Dylan the KD-CTC works great.
Unbelieveable high def. when I want to watch it.

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