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JVC HM-DH30000 details  

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It has TWO IEEE 1394 connectors, one on the back and one on
the front. Since it's compatible with the TU-DST50 for
recording HDTV, I wonder if it's also compatible with the
Hughes HIRD-E45 DirectTV receiver for recording non-HDTV
4:3 MPEG-2 from the satellite?

In other words it would be nice if could be fed from both
firewire connections... one for HDTV, and one for non-HDTV.
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There have been quite a few posts about the capabilities of this unit, as a few members here at AVS actually have one. Do a search for details.

A number of people have tried to use a Panasonic PV-HD1000 with other IEEE1394 devices, like DV decks, camcorders, and PC's. To my knowledge this has not been successful, due to the software driven communication logic required between devices not working.

So, your question sounds reasonable, but someone will have to try it, to know for sure.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"
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I have used the iLink on the DH30000 in the following ways:

1) Record from a TU-DST51 in either SD or HD mode.
2) Record from an HD1000 in HD mode.
3) Playback to an HD1000 in HD mode.
4) Record from a DV camcorder (Sony VX1000).

The DH30000 has a DV decoder but does not have a DV encoder so it will not record to a DV device.

To my knowledge the DH30000 will not playback through the TU-DST50 or 51.

- gridleak... biased toward HD
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Hey Gridleak -

In scenario #2 (recording from an HD1000 in HD mode), are you able to view what's being recorded via the DH30000's component output? If so, have you been able to pause/resume recording (e.g. to edit out commercial breaks)?

Also, I am told that the DH30000 provides a visual search mode when tapes have been recorded on it. If you then dub that tape (again, scenario 2), does it retain the search ability?


PS - I share your bias, and I'd add that I get a positive charge out of HD! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Yes, you can view while recording from an HD1000 and editing is possible because you're seeing the input from the firewire.

The DH30000 always adds visual search to anything it records. I'm not certain if the feature is lost if a DH30000 tape is recorded by an HD1000 (which is then played back in the DH30000). I'll try that when I get my JVC back from repair (yes, it's iLink circuits died)!

Peter, imagine the size, weight and heat production of our wonderful little HD boxes if they used vacuum tube technology!

- gridleak... biased toward HD
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Gridleak -

Hmmm, I had been thinking about having my furnace looked at before next winter, but if I could ditch all this solid state gear in favor of some good old filaments...

Actually, I wasn't thinking about an HD1000 doing any recording in this scenario. My question was what happens if you:

1. Record HD from DST50 (or 51) -> DH30000
2. Place that tape in the HD1000
3. Dub that master from HD1000 -> DH30000

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by peterd:
1. Record HD from DST50 (or 51) -&gt; DH30000
2. Place that tape in the HD1000
3. Dub that master from HD1000 -&gt; DH30000
I'm almost certain that I've done that and visual search is restored (or more likely reestablished). I can't think of any situation where I've recorded on the JVC and it didn't add visual search capability.

- gridleak... biased toward HD
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Will the US DH30000 have RF-coax in and process & record the HD modulated channel 3 output of the Dish 5000 to record HBO-HD?

Will it have YPB Component video outputs for my Toshiba 65H80?

Murray Kerdman
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Since no one yet has one of the US units, it's hard to know for sure what it may or may not do.

I think it will have both the component video out (95% sure) and the 8VSB ATSC tuner (50% sorta sure). I thought there was a JVC press release which gave details on the US model, but can not find it anywhere, including on the TWICE web site.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"

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