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Speed to Air Formula One In HD
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (January 13, 2011) -- The Speed channel this March will begin airing Formula One racing in High-Definition for the first time.

The Formula season begins March 13 with live coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix. Speed will air 16 of the season's 20 races with four events airing on Fox.

"We couldn't be more pleased with this decision and our ability to bring our rabid F1 fan base coverage of their favorite racing in HD in 2011. And Speed is going the extra mile, installing continuous fiber service to guarantee the best possible picture quality," said Rick Miner, Speed's senior vice president of production and network operations.

In previous seasons, Formula One Management, which handles the television broadcasts of the races, had delivered a standard-definition feed to all broadcasters worldwide. But the organization decided this year to switch to HD.

Along with Speed, the BBC and Sky Deutschland announced that they will offer the F1 season in high-def.
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Originally Posted by oryan_dunn View Post

Hmm, I thought all Fox networks were 720p. Anyways, I know that no one broadcasts 1080p, but for a 1080p set, a 1080i signal showing 1080i material will look better than a 720p signal showing 1080i material. Since the source was 1080i, 720p doesn't offer anything than a downres, which my TV then has to scale up to 1080p. If the signal were 1080i, all my TV would have to do is the deinterlace.

You're right! In my receiver menu I had my native resolution set to off, and read the wrong indicator from my chair. It now confirms that Speed is 720P.My bad
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Originally Posted by Phantom Gremlin View Post

My TiVo HD has a Season Pass to the F1 races. So it's been re-recording all the recent replays.

Canadian Grand Prix
Wed 1/12 9:00 am
The above was received by my TiVo in 720p/60.

on SPEED HD right now
FIM World Superbike: Portugal, Race 2
The above is currently being received in 720p/60.

I had my native resolution turned off on my receiver,you are correct sir. I just happened to have Speed on and watched the Montreal race.
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Ok, so we should be getting the races in 720p HD?

Either way I'm hyped and excited for this season after watching F1 Debrief's season preview.
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