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Newbie Question  

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Is there a recording solution for my Proscan PS38000 38" direct view HDTV with the built in DTC-100?

Thanks for your help.

Why did I just spend $3000 on this thing?
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Your Proscan doesn't appear to have any outputs, so whatever equipment you use for recording will have to supply the signal as well. Also, your set is dot pitch limited to about 1080x620 resolution, so you may not need to go as far as HD DVHS to get satisfactory recordings; unless, of course, you plan on a larger monitor later. A analog WVHS recorder like the JVC HR-W5 would be a good choice, but unfortunately its component output is not compatible with your Proscan. (see GregQuinn's comments here ). You might want to search his posts to find how he solved that problem. That might be your least expensive solution, but WVHS tapes are expensive, so it's not a good choice for big archives.

You could probably find a PV-HD1000 DVHS recorder on ebay for about $1000, and a TU-DST50 or 51 for under $900. The 51 would be a better choice for reliability and OTA sensitivity. I'm reasonably certain the DST50/51 component output would work with your set's component input. That would give you the ability to record hd OTA and playback HD DVHS tapes, at a cost of about $2000. You would be able to use SVHS tapes, so this is the best solution if you plan a large archive.

There's a JVC DVHS recorder expected soon (the US version of the HR-DH30000). It will probably have OTA tuner and HD recording capability, and it might even have component output like the Japan version. That would be the cheapest and best solution for you if it ever shows up.

All the above suggestions are for OTA recording only. You would need to add a Dish 5000 and HDTV modulator (another $1000+ and hard to find) if you want to record satellite.

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