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newbie stuff - all i want to do is record some hdtv shows  

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i'm getting ready to buy a HDTV monitor with some external HD tuner (vs. the built in one). I'm planning on a Toshiba widescreen, 1080i capable and will have a progressive scan DVD.

i have tivo for over a year.
i'm vaguely familiar with DMCA due to TIVO/DirectTivo recording topics, etc., so don't want to hear any legal mumbo-jumbo about that.

from 169time.com topics i've read, some people talk about "crappy cable" so u want to playback hdtv recordings to get access to other programming, or have archives - i want none of that.

look, all i want to do is utilize the thousands of dollars i'm getting ready to invest and be able to record an hdtv show when i'm not at home. it certainly seems a shame that if i'm out on a Friday night and cant watch Nash Bridges live, then when i return, my [seemingly] only option is to watch a Tivo'd analog signal, not in widescreen.

if that starts happening, i think i'll feel bad about 'throwing' away a bunch of money by having to resort to only/mostly LIVE HDtv (the Tivo has spoiled me).

i know for hdtv the Tivo is out of the loop.

what i'm asking here is for some input about what additional components I'm going to need to purchase to get what I feel will be worth of my inital HDTV investment. If you can, please explain what/why the component is and what it gives me. I need to budget for all the extra stuff i'm going to need.

i have DISH network, but usually don't get programming other than soccer. have no desire to get any programming from them.

i'd rather not get Directv - but it is possible that ONLY if the English Premier League soccer package is available on Directv this year (it hasn't been the last 2 years), then I will dump DISH and get a DirectTivo.

i have Time Warner digital cable which gives the HBO & Showtime digital feeds - great, i only watch Sopranos & Stargate on those channels anyway.

i will watch DVDs but have NO desire to record those.

other programming will come from over the air in Tampa, FL - and if thats only CBS, then thats fine.

so, i've got to record HBO-HD, Showtime-HD and multiple OTA shows.

thanks so much for the info -

ps - sorry to hear about all yall's 169time probs - i read about that 6 months ago and thought that was going to be my solution.

pps - i'm not against going to japan in the next two months if there is something i can aquire there that will help.
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Ok. Just to get this straight, your cable company is providing you with Showitme and HBO in HD, or just digitally? IFit is in HD then you might be in luck, but I haven't heard of any cable companies yet giving out showtime HD.

How you record your signal really depends on you, and your inputs from whatever box you are going to use. It sounds like you don't want satellite so I won't mention those. IF your cable company is actually provideing hi-def then you should find out what type of outputs they offer for the cable box that outputs HD. If it is component then you can buy yourself a W-VHS and record HD from that. That is something you have to talk to your cable company about, or try to find other people that live in tampa on these forums. They can telll you all about your area.

You also might want to consider using an antennae to pick up whatever signals your getting from your area. I think we have a lot of people from tampa on these forums so there must be some signals you can easilly pick up.

As far as recording those signals you have a few options. There is the Panasonic combo which will run you between $2000 - $2500. That is a tuner, with a D-VHS. You can usually find one on E-bay, but they are discontinued.

You can also get something for your computer and hook it back up to your tv like I am doing as I'm typign to you. This expense can vary greatly pending on if you already have a pc that you are willing to put wherever you put your tv. But basically you will need one of 3 cards that can capture HD signals. AccessDTV, Hi-Pix, and WinTV-HD. Either one of those wll work just fine, and they will save to your Hard Drive, but beware, they take up about 9 Gigs per hour so you will need a backup solution if u want to hold a lot of stuff and re-watch it again.

That about covers it for now. If you still hav questions feel free to ask.

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according to this http://www.twtampabay.com/viewLineup.cfm?LineupID=14

i don't get any HD channels from cable - i must have been confused about DISH network - they have the 2 channels and i have to purchase this modulator for $300 http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/p...tv/index.shtml

ok, so forget the cable comp - if I stay with DISH then I can get these 2 channels this way...

still need to record, but need a model # to lookup products on ebay (ala Panasonic).

Anything avail. in Japan?

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The two required Panasonic products are the TU-DST50 or 51, DTV tuner & PV-HD1000 DVHS VCR. Both of these have been discontinued over a year ago. As mentioned above, they can be found used on ebay and in the AVS Classified section, for about $2000-$2500. Occasionally, you can find them collecting dust in a local electronics store, for less money as discontinued products.

This will let you record local DTV stations only.

To record Dish HDTV, you also need the Dish 5000 & HD Modulator. Both products were discontinued over a year ago. The 5000 can be found either used or refurbished for $200-$300. The HD Modulator is much harder to find, the original cost was $300, but these have been selling for closer to $800 lately.

There is no way to record DirecTV HDTV, at this time.

In Japan, there is a DVHS VCR made by JVC that is semi-workable for use in the US, but there are a few issues that make it less than ideal. Check out this link for more info & do a lot of research for the "JVC" in this forum before taking that decision. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum28/HTML/000122.html

The Panasonic gear is the only real choice, for now, unless you get into the computer approach.

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