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demo/consumer HD1000  

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Just another input on the difference between these two versions of the Panasonic PV-HD1000: A friend brought over several tapes he had made on his Demo HD-1000 along with his two VCRs (both Demos). The picture broke up badly on my consumer deck,but played back cleanly on both his Demo decks. I had just gotten a Demo deck, had ordered the consumer, narrow-gap head assembly for it and wasaiting to change it out. The tapes played cleanly on it as well - three out of three!

From this, I would agree that the consumer decks, with the narrow gaps record a higher signal flux density on the tape than do the demo decks. However, the wide gap, Demo heads can retrieve a clean signal from tapes that have a lower flux density.

While both versions can record and playback tapes, this seems to further substantiate that the best results would come from recording on a consumer deck and playing back on a Demo deck. Accordingly, I plan to set up that way and nmot change out the heads on my Demo deck, while my friend plans to change out the heads on one of his.

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Just a brief clarification here, for those who have not followed the previous post on this topic. What joelco is referring to when he says narrow-gap heads is not the "bridge distance" across the gap, nor is he referring to the actual track width, which is the same for demos and consumer machines. He is referring to what some would call the "gap depth": the physical distance from the surface of the head to the bottom of the gap in the direction you would use if you decided to commit suicide by jumping into the gap.http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Sorry to be a little pedantic, but I didn't want folks here to get the wrong impression. One persons width is anothers length, and all that.

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