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Panny TU-DST50W Question...  

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Is there a way to set the Panny TU-DST50W to DTV channel 3
without the remote? I just bought my unit off of eBay and it did not include the remote. I've ordered a new remote from Panasonic but it won't arrive before my DISH 5000/Modulator
setup is installed on Monday. I looked on Remote Central for
TU-DST50W CCFs for my Pronto remote but could not find any.


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You can use the buttons under the front left panel to go into the menu, delete all channels by doing a auto search with the antenna disconnected, then reconnect antenna, and manually add just ch 3.

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Another forum member sent me a ccf for the DST50 a few days ago, it's simple but works well. I'll e-mail it to you.

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How much was the remote?

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eighty one dollars plus shipping. from 1-800-remotes

Nice to have.

The PVHD 1000 remote was about$52


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Most setup, tuning, etc. can be done from the front panel. As I recall, though, there is no way to change aspect ratios without a remote! (And of course, no way to access the hidden service menu.) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

My first 50 was purchased "sans remote." I ordered mine directly from Panasonic (don't remember exactly how much, but it seems like $59.95 sticks in my mind).

At first I was going to pass up the original remote and go straight to the universal route, but am glad I didn't.

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