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Will HD VCR's be interoperable?  

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From what I read here, it seems like we will finally start to see HD VCRs hitting the market soon.

Do you guys know whether the tape format is standardized? Can I record on a Mitsubishi HD-VCR & play on a Sony, for example?

I'm hoping the answer is yes, and we can start seeing the beginnings of pre-recorded HD material. I have NO hope of seeing this from Hollywood, but maybe I can purchase a copy of the 2000 NCAA Final Four, or a Super Bowl from CBS...
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Can you say Betamax and VHS? DVD-RW and DVD-R+W? PD and CR-R/RW? 8MM, Hi8, VHS-C? 8-track and cassette?

Of course they won't be compatible - for a while. I'm hoping we'll only have five or six years of format wars before one format becomes the standard. I know, this is highly optimistic. Really, until NTSC is taken off the air completely and most of the NTSC TVs and VCRs are at the end of their life cycle, I don't think there will be any consumer (joe six-pack) push to make it happen. More realistically, I'd say ten to twelve years before it really shakes out and a winner emerges.

A company would much rather spend millions of dollers in-house to develop their own system than pay half that cost to a competitor. Simple economics.

Sorry for the bad news, but "Market Forces" must be allowed to work. They tend to work very slowly
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Originally posted by Jordan:
Of course they won't be compatible - for a while.
I'm absolutely no expert on D-VHS HD machines, but I thought that forum members commented that the newer Victor deck and the PV-HD1000 could both play the same HD tapes? (someone please correct me)

"You can't argue with a confident man"
- Napoleon Wilson, Assault on Precinct 13
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I am far from a expert but they all will record the source mpeg stream, right? So the compatibility is tied to proprietary code which may be inserted into the mpeg stream. Who knows what that will mean.

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