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Without an ATSC tuner this looks like it'll be of most use as a HD1000 replacement for the folks who have the Pany combo (assuming it works with that). Without a compatible Firewire STB it's not going to be much use to most of us here. http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/dvhs.htm

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Hold up here, talking about major mis-infromation.

OK guys the specs for the new Mitsubishi Digital VHS VCR is up on their Web-site @ www.mitsubishi-tv.com
1) It has no internal HD turner
2) There are no HD analog outputs or inputs
3) All HD content passes through the IEEE1394 Firewire port with 5C and HAVi control. HAVi is not DVI.

It requires that you have a new Mitsubishi Integrated HDTV or an Mitsubishi HD set with the Promise Module install.
The TV/Promise module will provide the Audio Digital Output to you AV Receiver.

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Yes, HAVi is not DVI. It is a (relatively new) control protocol for sending commands across the Firewire (IEEE1394) bus. Reading between the lines, though, the Mits will also support the older AV/C standard:

"Mitsubishi did not cut corners and include <u>only</u> standard AV/C network control. Rather, [...] this VCR incorporates HAVi..."

Although it does not read well (Japanese English?) the use of the word only (emphasis added) above says to me that they support both. I believe the Panasonic and JVC decks may use AV/C. If so, the new Mits deck may work with the Panasonic TU-DST50/51 tuner.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

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I posted elsewhere asking if the Sony KD-34XBR2 HDTV might be the answer to our D-VHS audio dropout problems. Come to think of it, this TV could work with the Mitsubishi VCR. The Sony has a built-in ATSC tuner, 2 i.Link ports, and has an optical digital output for supplying AC-3 audio to an A/V receiver.

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It says it will work with a firewire equipped settop box and didnt say it had to be 5c encoded,Thats encouraging. One would like to think to sell more vcrs they would come up with their own settop box.Unless the MPAA declares:

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Please indulge this complete newbie (this is my first post, please be gentle) and answer a few questions I have about the new Mitsubishi specifically and DVHS in general.

When people talk of differing firewire standards, I don't understand what you mean. If I am using something like Final Cut Pro on the mac, and I wanted to output my stream via firewire to the new mitsubishi DVHS, would these standards be an issue? The reason I ask is because my pany HD1000 can be controlled by the application, but will not accept input from it. I haven't tried the pany with my mini DV decks.

I'm also wondering whether or not I would be able to theoretically use the mitubishi machine to dub to/from the pany.

Of course, what I'd REALLY like to do is timeshift from DirecTV in HD (or even damn good quality timeshifts from non HD signals). I have no clue as to how to do that (told you I was a newbie :-) ).

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ooblick -

Welcome. We were all new to this once upon a time! Browse around lots of older posts here (and use the search function a lot) and you'll find plenty of great information.

The IEEE-1394 ("Firewire") standard itself only specifies the physical (size & shape of plugs) and electrical (# and purpose of conductors, voltages, etc.) characteristics of the interconnection.

What it doesn't address is the data which flows over the wire. That falls into 2 broad categories - the control data (commands such as "play" or "stop" and status such as "rewinding", etc.) and the actual audio & video data.

Relevant control standards appear to include only 2 - the older AV/C (I believe this stands for "Audio Video Control") standard and the newer HAVi ("Home Audio Video Interoperability"). I'm not sure whether either standard refers to the A/V data format at all.

Audio/Video standards here are mainly the MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) family of standards. Since MPEG-2 is what is delivered directly by OTA (Over The Air) broadcasters (and Dish Network), this is the relevant standard for DVHS.

Whether a particular set of machines works together depends on which standards they support for the control & A/V data. In the case of the Panasonic PV-HD1000, the A/V data is an MPEG-2 bitstream while it appears they use AV/C control. We don't know for sure, but hopefully the new Mitsubishi will work with it. (I hope so too! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif )

As for HD timeshifting, as you'll undoubtedly read in many posts here on the forum, don't expect to do any with your DVHS deck and DirecTV. Your only option there is analog (WVHS). If you're willing to switch to Dish, and invest some time & money (~ $1,300 - $1,500) in finding a Dish 5000 & modulator, you'll be able to build your own library of movies & specials from HBO, Showtime & Pay Per View.

Good luck, and enjoy your new hobby!

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Thanks, Peterd. I really appreciate the information. I do have the Dish 5000 and HDTV modulator, so that won't be too much of an issue I hope. Re: the HD1000 and the new Mitsubishi, I'm still hopeful that they're compatable, but when I asked Panasonic whether there was a way to interface the HD1000 with an NLE, I got the following:
Dear Panasonic Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the PV-HD1000. The PV-HD1000's IEEE1394
port is compatible with the Panasonic Set Top Boxes , TUDST50 and the
TUDST51 only. The port is not designed to interface with computers.

Best regards,

Panasonic Customer Call Center
It's GOT to be compatable with more than just the 50 and 51. Otherwise, it'd be pretty useless, no?

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The PV-HD1000 is fully compatible with the JVC HM-DH30000, so the data from the Panasonic Customer Call Center can't be completely kosher. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif I'm still waiting for somebody to hook this thing up to the Sony KD-34XBR2 HDTV, which has two i.Link ports and a Toslink audio output.

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Originally posted by LeeAntin:
This may be a reiteration of a post I made a few weeks ago concerning the new Mits HD-VCR.

I had the chance to speak to the L.I. Mits factory rep about the new HD-VCR.

He told me that the only inputs/outputs that would carry HD are Firewire. He said that the VCR will be used with the new Mits HD displays with built in HD STBs that will have Firewire input and output. He also said that there are no immediate plans for an external HD STB with Firewire output.

So I asked him "do you mean that if I want the new HD-VCR from Mits, I have to buy a new Mits HD RPTV?" His answer..."yes!"


Actually, any set that has the "promise" will be compatable with the new hd-vcr using the new upgrade module coming out.


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As far as I know, The "promise module" simply adds a firewire port to the HD-RPTV. It doesn't have an HD tuner in it so where is the HD signal going to come from?

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Then module is generally interpreted to include the tuner. See Mitsubishi Promise

"This upgrade module will enable any Mitsubishi HD-Upgradeable television (a television which can be upgraded to full HDTV performance with the addition of a separate digital receiver) to receive over-the-air digital television broadcasts, including high-definition, as well as unscrambled cable TV. In addition, this module will also have an IEEE 1394 interface, copy protection, and Home Audio Video Interoperability (HAVi) software capability for control of IEEE 1394 digital devices."


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