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Clarify: These are my recording options?  

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Just to clarify: These are my recording options for HDTV?

1. Go the HTPC route via HiPix, AccessDTV or WinTV-HD
Uses ~10GB/Hr can be stored on DAT backup drives and streamed from the same drives.

2. Use an older HDTV Receiver (i.e. Tu-DTS50) and plug a camcorder into it via 1394 (firewire) then somehow jury-rig a timer (via Pronto or timer on the camcorder).
On this option, what type of camcorder will record full HDTV resolution signal? SVHS, Video8, High8?


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Ok, I just found http://www.169time.com/ which states:

"The HDVR-100 is designed to work with DV, miniDV and Digital-8mm camcorders and VCRs."

So, any other options than the two noted above?


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Ok, I read the thread about problems with 169time. Please don't flame me... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

Also, from PVR in http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum28/HTML/000234-5.html

"Yes, there is a possible way to play/record HDTV to DV tape right now.
*but* you need many more pieces and much more $ to do it than the 169time product would have offered. It is too bad that they didn't deliver because their product seemed to be an "elegant" solution.

The way you ~can~ do it now goes something like this:

(discontinued) Dish 5000 receiver -> [expansion port]
(discontinuted/rare) 8VSB modulator -> [8VSB RF]
(limited availability) HiPix Card -> [PC harddisk]
(DVspoof utility) -> [DV-AVI converted format files]
(generic firewire card) -> [firewire cable]
DV/Digital8 tape device. [hi8 or DV tape]

To play back you can use DVtransfer utility
to spool tape files to the hard disk and then
run HiPix to play them back.
Right now you would need to "restore" an entire movie
to HD before playback, but future versions of HiPix
may allow you to start playing while the tape restore
is in progress.

Many of the pieces to make this all work are discontinued,
new, or beta products - so don't expect easy "plug and
play" or to get any customer service/support for the
whole solution."

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There are also a couple threads somewhere in the HTPC forum about dumping the HDTV files to DAT. It's even possible to stream view them from the tape with some extra setup effort.

Look for posts on HDTV & DAT by member Joe Q. (I think)

- Tom

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Originally posted by mikem01:
Just to clarify: These are my recording options for HDTV?
Those are your digital recording options; several of us in the forum use the JVC W-VHS recorder for making HD recording of broadcast material. Not the perfect quality of digital recording but for many of us a very acceptable alternative until the 1394 STB's start to arrive and currently the only way to record DirecTV material in HD. Unlike the defunct PV-HD1000 you mention, JVC W-VHS recorders are still being made and can still be purchased from JVC dealers, though quite expensive ($4000-$6000) but can be had on Ebay for around $1500 used or through japanese import for even less. Blank tapes are expensive at $20-$40 a pop.

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I think that pretty much sums it up (at least for consumer ATSC recording).

TV studios have higher datarate professional HDTV recording equipment that is priced out of the reach of normal consumers.

Also there has been talk of a Dish 921 HDTV PVR coming down the pike maybe in about a year. It should record HDTV directly to its' internal hard disk. It may not allow you to archive beyonds its basic internal storage so it may be most useful for "timeshifting" rather than building a HDTV library.
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