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A New Option for HD Recording: The Sony KD-XBR2  

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There is a long thread on the hardware forum about this new direct view integrated (ATSC tuner incorporated) flat screen HDTV.

We of course have our own peculiar concerns on this forum:

Today I brought a PV-HD1000 into my local Circuit City.

The Sony owner's manual indicates that the two "i-link" ports on the back have been confirmed to be compatible with only an obscure and probably still unreleased Sony cable box whose model # is noted on the hardware forum thread.
Undaunted, I marched in and proceeded to join the two using the firewire ports on each. The Sony immediately recognized the "i-linked" device with an on screen message.
I then fired up a tape and...nothing.
Then realized that the TV was in some sort of demo mode that I was able to disable using the on screen menus after a very brief look in the manual.

Then refired with TV in tuner mode and there it was; the movie on the videotape playing back with perfect picture and sound.
Certainly neither a flexible nor inexpensive set-up, but it should be duly noted that this option is a viable one and certainly adds to the value of the Sony HDTV.

Sony owners could either purchase the PV-HD1000 off ebay or elsewhere, purchase the JVC-Victor 30000 from overseas, or await the "soon to be released" Mitsubishi and then have a complete recording solution, albeit one with more compromises than I personally would feel comfortable with. The dual ports are, however, a very nice feature. Indeed this was among the most desireable features of the now infamous 169Time modded DTC100

A note about picture quality:

This is a flat screen CRT with all of the problems inherent to flat tube CRTs.
To my eyes the PQ falls well short of the reference broadcast HD monitor Panasonic DT-M3050W or even the Princeton AF3.0HD.
The comparable Sampo looks better to my eyes as well.

It should be noted that the DISH 5000 & HD modulator would still be required for this or any other HD recording solution involving premium programming.
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So it can play a PVHD1000 recording. That's significant.

Can it record off it's built-in tuner? Does it also have a built in DirecTV Satellite receiver and if so, can it record from that?
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Ever since we've seen the compatibility with our HD1000/DST50s and the Victor 30000, I've wondered if the new slew of 1394 enabled equipment will really be so "proprietary". I saw a slick for the Pioneer Elite DTV tuner with the firewire port. Has anyone checked to see if it's compatible with our recorders? I've never even seen an actual unit, but I know it was expensive - over $1000.


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Your next assignment http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif is to drag your DH30000 down there to see if it will play back thru the Sony. If it does then that would solve the JVC's downrez problem with some source material.

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Great news! This partially answers a question I posted a while back: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum28/HTML/000352.html

Of course, I'd like to see _zero_ audio dropouts from the Toslink output of the KD-34XBR2. This will require someone to hook up a dropout-unfriendly A/V receiver like a Denon or B&K to the Toslink output (the DSP must be based the ADI SHARC or Motorola processors). Receivers based on Crystal audio DSPs will hide the problem.

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Another question for tmitchd: did you actually try to record from the Sony to the PV-HD1000?
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Yes, inquiring minds want to know: Will the PV-HD1000 record DTV off the XBR?

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I assume you are referring to the fact that downrezing by the JVC would be rendered unnoticeable because of the Sony's PQ challenged flattube CRT? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

My Victor did actually playback through the STB once, but stopped after I explored the STB hidden menu. If anyone could make that combo work, you would be the one. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Ken and Dylan,
I did not attempt recording; none of the Sutro feeds are viewable from Santa Cruz.
But, because of the two way properties of firewire I would assume it should be no problem.

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That's very funny. Actually, I didn't think the Sony would be _that_ bad. Also, I don't think the JVC downrezes the firewire output, since it's never happened when dubbing. But, we'll never really know for sure until we can see the firewire output and the component output simultaneously.

What are you doing up so late? I have an excuse... I'm supposed to be packing.

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Jeez Rog,
I posted at 9:40pm; I was deep in zzz by the time you replied.http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

It IS possible to get playback from the Victor through the STB. I saw it with my own eyes. I then screwed it up, but it CAN be done. And I am confident that you will discern the method for the rest of us at some point. I am just grateful that you figured out a method to force the Victor into HD mode.
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Ok, you're excused, http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif I forgot about the east coast bias on the post times.

I do believe you saw the Victor 30000 play thru the Panny 50, but I have a feeling it was a fluke. We know there are flaws in the firmware because it can be tricked into playing tapes in HD mode, and I think you poked thru one of those flaws. To make the Victor truly useful we have to find a reliable way to make it either: stay in full HD mode permanently, or playback thru the Pannys.

I think the brute force, Flintstone, technique to lock the Victor in HD mode would be to measure all the pin voltages on the chips while it's in HD and compare with voltages while in downrez mode. Then short the pin(s) to the HD value. It would be a time consuming job with no guarantee of success.

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