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HiPix Hiccups  

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Newly installed HiPix receiving DTV OK now that antenna issues resolved (average signal strength 70-80%). When recording to disk, however, I am experiencing much more stuttering and hiccups than I'd like to see on playback.

AMD Duron 700
Asus A7V w/VIA KT133 AGP
384M RAM
ATI AIW 4MB PCI (new AGP ATI Radeon due to arrive today)
Maxtor 16G/UDMA66 w/14G free and full read ahead enabled

SiSoft Sandra reports:
Drive Index 15422 (std for UDMA66 = 13000)
Buffered Read 58MB/sec
Seq Read 24MB/sec
Random Read 5MB/sec
Buffered Write 41MB/sec
Seq Write 13MB/sec
Random Write 6MB/sec

HiPix Software Version 2.3.0

Any suggestions?
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Many people have reported these sort of problems...

I can't offer a sure fire answer,
but it might be worth considering:

1> Is your hard disk configured with DMA mode?
2> Is your hard disk defragmented?
3> Are you trying to read/write to a system disk that
is used for your OS and applications?
4> Did you use an A/V certified (no "recalcs") hard drive.
5> Are you trying to use a RAID controller?
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1. DMA enabled - yes
2. Defrag'd - earlier today
3. System/OS on physical C: drive - saving video to physical D: drive
4. Neither drive is A/V certified (but I think Sandra drive performance results look satisfactory - no?)
5. Not using RAID configuration.

I am wondering whether my HiPix 2.3.0 is the latest. Saw a reference somewhere in forum to Ver 2.3b - but not at HiPix website. Does "b" refer to Beta?
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There was both a HiPix 2.3 beta and release version. The web site has the release version.

If you have Windows 2000 try using the Task Manager to increase the task priority.

If you're experiencing audio stuttering, try checking the "decode audio" box.
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It sounds like you should be in good shape.

Unfortunately a number of people with
"very adequate" specs have reported similar problems.

My next suggestion would be to try win98se but that
would be a big pain...
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My OS is Win 98SE.

I just now replaced my old PCI AIW video card with an AGP ATI Radeon 32MB DDR LE. Doing so, I decided to rearrange most of my PCI cards for a couple of reasons, including the way in which my ASUS MB shares IRQ's among PCI slots. I also attempted to alternate large, heat-producing boards with smaller low-heat cards (eg, network card).

I don't know yet whether this has reduced the hiccups (simultaneous audio/video) associated with recording - what I DO see is that the aspect ratio of the OTA HiPix image is now messed up. What was previously 4:3 and centered on my monitor is now more like 3:3 - offset to the left side of the screen.

Up to this point, I have had only my desktop XGA monitor hooked up using the HiPix loopback cable. I have not made changes to the HiPix setup since installing the Radeon card. I am now wondering:

1. Should I un-install and re-install the HiPix software?
2. Should I perform the registry tweaks discussed in the Radeon Guide?
3. Do I need to install Powerstrip?

I eventually intend to output to an XGA projector in addition to the computer monitor, but for the moment I'd like to at least regain the proper aspect ratio (not to mention record without stuttering).
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make sure your drives are not attatched to the promise controller. I had the same problem on my a7v. If you hook up the hd to the on board raid controller, you will see periodic hiccups. Connect directly to the onboard ide controller, not the raid one. I connect my dvd and cd burner to the promise side, and keep all my hard drives to the onboard main ide.

I dunno, I think because the raid controller is sharing irqs, so there are periodic disturbances in the stream of data flowing across its channels. I also had acceptible hd benchmarks from sandra, but like all females, you cannot trust entirely what she says.

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