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All Members Please Read: A Note On SPOILERS  

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A reminder for all:

Do not post spoilers in the subject of your thread. Take a moment and think if your title contains a spoiler. If the average person would probably wish that they didn't know that, then it shouldn't be in the title. If you think it isn't a spoiler but you know that some members will object, it shouldn't be in the title.

If a thread title warns that spoilers are inside, then anyone reading the thread is considered warned about the contents. You can't read a spoiler thread and complain that it contains spoilers. On the other hand, if a thread has "no spoilers" in the title or the warning "spoilers" isn't in the subject header, then you MUST give a warning before you post a spoiler. There is nothing worse to a fan than reading a thread in anticipation of a film, only to have the twists and turns of the movie thrown at him. Warning that spoilers are coming is a sign of mutual respect among members. Please bear that in mind.

If you are going to post a spoiler and especially if it is a big spoiler, you can use the "spoiler tag" to hide your comments in white. For example:

[ spoiler ] Here are the spoilers. [ / spoiler ]

Your comments would then look like this:

Remember to not have ANY spaces between the "[" "]" symbols or the "/" symbol. Again, inside the brackets "[", there are NO spaces.

If you do this, no one can have a problem with what you have spoiled. You have given fair warning. This is also better than just posting "SPOILERS ahead", because when does the reader know the spoilers have ended and it is safe to start reading again? Remember, no one can fault you for warning of spoilers and using the spoiler tag. Have fun...
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Just a brief reminder:

If the thread title doesn't warn of spoilers inside, you MUST provide a warning before you drop a spoiler.

Some spoilers are bigger than others, but anything that reveals what happens to a character later in the film or how certain aspects of the plot get resolved, is a big spoiler and you MUST give some kind of warning before you reveal that, if it is a thread that doesn't specifically warn in the thread title that spoilers are inside. This should be common sense. If the average person wouldn't want to know that detail before they saw the film, you have to give a warning and that goes triple for movies that have just been released. Don't drive yourself neurotic but if in doubt, err on the cautious side. It really won't kill you to say "spoilers below" in your post.

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