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Suggestion: Cheap Deals Forum  

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I noticed today that the Forum layout changed and the HDTV chit-chat forum has been added.

Here is an idea for another new forum and should be only visible to registered members, if possible:

Sometimes forum members find good deals at Online or bricks and mortar stores: For example the $50 deal at JandR for the WinTV-D car which normally costs about $250-270. And yesterday a forum member posted a $89 60GB Hard drive deal at Fry's a Electronics store. Several members took advantage of both deals. I think this was really nice from those members to post those limited time deals !

Please open up a forum for "Cheap Deals or Great Deals" or whatever you want to name it. And restrict the view! to registered AVS forum members only! All those lurkers either have to register (which is free!) or will be left in the dark http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

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Thanks...will consider it after we move to the new server and see our new server loads.

BTW: Might I ask you to please remove your full system config from you signature. Just takes up a lot of room. Suggest putting it our system configuration area and making a link to it.

Thanks Again!

David Bott
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