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I had the good fortune to find a good CRT tech on this forum--Chuck Williams--who literally flew from D.C. to Cleveland (I paid of course) to setup my NEC XG135LC, purchased from AVSCIENCE.

There are an awful lot of posts on the CRT Forum from time to time, regarding who does setups, and in what area. Some folks are willing to travel, and will do so reasonably. I can attest that getting the proper setup from this Greek-to-Me projector and processor is a very beneficial thing to many aficionados.

I suggest a Technician Forum, or at least an ongoing list of who is available, where they will travel to, how you may contact them regarding price, and, perhaps most importantly, a listing of their experience. As much as I hate to say it, anyone, and I mean anyone, can get ISF certified, and they don't have to know a thing other than that they paid to attend.

There are a lot of people in this business who "aspire" to be part of the business, primarily because they are smitten with the hobby. That doesn't make them any good at it, though, and you can provide a valuable service by letting Techs "register" for the list, or forum, or whatever, but also requiring them to provide their experience and references.

Cleveland, for example is a city with a lot of money, and enough high end audio shops to last. But no one really knows high end video--not at all compared to the wealth of experience on this forum. You would be doing us all a valuable service by organizing that wealth of experience in a forum which would make capable individuals available to us all.

It is a very helpless feeling to think that the "toy" you just love requires you to pay someone to fly in, even for the most minor fix. But this Board can provide the organization for this, and can pick up the slack where the manufacturers failed.


Nick http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Thanks for the idea...This is one we will need to talk about because we really do not allow postings from companies or what have you soliciting. So, this one is a gray area. Maybe a list would be better and not a forum for it. Will give it some thought.

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