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MITSU 725 sync delays w/ PS2  

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about to get the 725 but I've been reading that the Samsung DLP has sync problems with PS2... Does the Mits DLP have the same problem?
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anyone have a prob with the MITS DLP and a PS2?
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I just bought a 52725 a couple weeks ago, and there's a huge delay. :-(

It's most noticable on games where timing is critical...Hot Shots Golf with its swing meter, for example. Pretty much unplayable in that situation. I'm still searching for a solution, but am not optimistic at this point.

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How exactly did you connect the PS2 to your Mits? I'd like to try to duplicate your findings with a football game.
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bg - I tried it w/ the standard PS2 RCA cable, and later with a Psyclone S-video cable. Both hooked directly to the TV. From what I can gather on the web, it seems the delay comes from the time it takes the Mits to upconvert the video from 480i to 720p.
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I still use an old 480i DVD player, and I have yet to see even the slightest bit of lip sync issues (with audio going through external receiver). You'd think 480i causing delays in video processing would cause lip syncing problems, and I'm very picky about seeing this. Hence, I will have to try my PS2 for a quick experiment. I'll report back.
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I did a quick test last night using the Xbox and ESPN NFL 2k5. I turned off 480p, 720p, and 1080i in the video settings, forcing the Xbox output to 480i. BTW, I'm using a component connection. 480i was confirmed as the input format using the 'info' button on the Mits. Then I went into practice, and practiced my kick-offs. Repeated the practice, this time with 480p enabled. My results: Absolutely no difference in my timing. I couldn't detect a bit of difference in the timing required for me to get MAX power on kicking.

If I get the chance to move the PS2 and connect up using the front inputs on the tv, I'll report what I see then. Hope this helps.
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I have the 52725 and xbox and notice absolutely no sync issues. Maybe it's a PS2 issue?
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Is the PS2 confirmed to have lag with component cables and with the proper progressive options being turned on?

Please confirm
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As far as I know, all of the PS2 games I've been enjoying w/ my kids do not support progressive output. I suspect the games that DO support 480p would not be delayed as much (or at all?).
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Yeah, PS2 has 5% of its library supports PS. Lag will occur in all the other games. I can't speak to this TV, but I have a huge topic about this around the Samsung 5063W.

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if Xbox doesnt have sync problems when they are not set to support 480p,720 or 1080...then why is PS2 having this problem...I guess to know for sure is to take my ps2 to a store and test it
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i have the 52725 with a ps2 hooked up via component. i came on here and searched for a topic on this because i DO notice a delay on timing games such as madden05 kicking/punting meter and also mvp baseball 2004 pitching meter. is there anything that can be done to fix this? should this not occur with 480p games from what you say? only affects 480i? Thanks.
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