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Great news KBK! So you've finally designed a screen paint that will keep reds from bleeding? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

BTW, gives us news about your kits or we shall unleash the lions!

Gladiator: a good movie to watch with the guys - just don't leave any sharp instruments lying around...


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Mike, KBK,
You will love this movie, trust me.
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Fast forward to the year 3000...a new holodeck documentary recalls the twentieth century as the peak of man's brutality to man...watch as millions are murdered...Stalin, Hitler, Sadam, Mao, Pol Pot, et al...

Now how do you think the theater patrons will judge ancient Rome against our generation ? Especially when we worship WWF, Gladiator, and Sunday football ? Ask any psychologist. We are still entertained by the misery of others. Sharks have nothing over humans when it comes to an attraction to blood.
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I notice that there is a thousand year gap from the twentieth century to your year 3000ad. I'm sorry to say that mans brutality to man will probably reach new peaks by then.
Man is no better now then it was in roman times then it will be in 3000ad. We are it seems a mixture of everything good and bad, but I dont want to ramble on, just enjoy the movie for what it is, a visually spectacular, highly gripping landmark or should I say benchmark in the art of filming.
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Actually, this coming from DreamWorks, it should be in DTS's newest DTS ES DISCRETE 6.1 format, such as their upcoming The Haunting DTS ES DVD.

As decoded on the Denon 5800 (the first to offer this type of decoding), the center rear channel is 100% discrete and full range.

The newest edition of Widescreen Review goes into detail on how a DTS ES Discrete 6.1 master is born and how it is both a backwards and forwards compatible format.

And yes, any DTS decoder will work with this new format, it just reads the 5.1 core (with matrixed center rear) of the 6.1 datastream. The seventh discrete channel is packed in an extension file. When decoded as 6.1 Discrete, the decoder discards the matrixed center rear audio info. in the left/right discrete surrounds and only the extension file is heard in the center rear speaker. It retains 100% discrete, full range rear channels, unlike DD EX.

Music DTS CDs will start to support this too. The first is the title track on Don Henley's The End of the Innocence DTS CD (already out) and the entire upcoming album of Studio Voodoo (which was mixed specifically for 6.1 discrete channels and not a 2 channel recording remixed to 5.1 or 6.1). More to follow.


P.S. Bill Hunt's site is at www.thedigitalbits.com

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Thanks Dan,
Bill Hunts info seems pretty reliable, great site.
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Luckily for us Mr. Hunt has quite a lot of insider info, so his so called rumors tend to be quite accurate.

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His rumor mill said the audio will be Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1. I thought it was going to be dolby EX.. was that a myth?
Bob C
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If it is I'd be very disappointed. Gladiator was mixed in 7 channel discrete, 24 bit PCM before downmix encoding to the matrixed center rear DD EX 5.1 and DTS-ES 5.1 theatrical printmasters. So was Chicken Run. To release The Haunting in DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 and then not any other would be major back peddling on the part of DreamWorks (a big DTS supporter do to Spielberg's envolvement).

Perhaps, the studios haven't come out with a finalized feature list yet. As is, there hasn't been an official announcement yet.

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To everyone anxiously awaiting news on the Gladiator DVD please see
this interview with Charles de Lauzirika of Ridley Scott's production company wherein he speaks about some of the contents of the DVD:

Deleted scenes, Ridley Scott commentary (on the film and the deleted scenes), DTS ES...now word yet if it will be DTS ES Discrete though.
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I read the interview too. Kind of vague, but he did couch it as DTS-ES and Dolby 5.1 (almost as if the DTS-ES would have something more to offer since he only said 5.1 for Dolby). Perhaps, since DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 was used with The Haunting DTS edition with great results and the fact DreamWorks knows about this encoding method (all you do is "feed" the 7 channel discrete archival master through instead of the 5.1 printmaster and set the new DTS-ES encoder mode to Discrete 6.1), that Gladiator will be Discrete 6.1.

It would seem this would be the most logical assumption, however studios have never been known for their logic...

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Lloyd, Dan,
November the 21st is fine by me. (I should just about be ready, fingers crossed.)
You see, I am in the proccess of building a dedicated Home Theater from scratch(an extention to my house) and I hope and pray I will be up and running as and when Gladiator lands on my doorstep.
Equipement list so far,
Barco 808
Stewart electric Tab Tentioned Studiotek 130 16x9 (96 inch)
Pioneer elite DV09
Quadscan 2.10 (will be ordered next week)
Sony 7700 (Just bought this and it will go to frank for the cinamatrix mod)
Denon 5700 (New 5800 arriving in around a week)
Full compliment of M&K 150 THX ultra speakers (will add another pair of tripoles SS150 for back wall duty ie 7 satelites and 2 subs total.
And so it goes on.
(P.S. My wife is prepairing to kill me)
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