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Billy Elliot.......An absolute triumph of a movie.  

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Its now after midnight here in London, and we have just got back from our local theatre having seen the most wonderfull, immensely moving, endearing movie that I have seen in my 45 years on this planet.

Most of us brits over here ARE pretty much, of the stiff upper liped variety as depicted in many a movie. Its BAD FORM to show ones emotion in public over here. Its just not done!...Applause and cheers are a very rare occurence indeed in a London cinema.

Why then, was there a standing ovation, in the middle of the picture (where Billy launches himself into an impromto and aggresive dance to vent his anger and frustration....only poofs do ballet dont they?).

And why was there a Ten Minute standing ovation at the end of the movie with people slumpted on their chairs feeling positively drained from having gone through this highly charged, emotional, movie going experience......... Well, go see for yourself (but get a healthcheck first).

If god tells you that you are only allowed to see one more movie for the remainder of your lifetime. See BILLY ELLIOT.

Set against the harsh backdrop of the 1984 miners strike in the bleak looking North of England, Billy Elliot the movie will ignite fires in your heart and soul like nothing you have encountered before.

As you watch one scene where the police in their riot gear beat back strikers with shield and truncheon, and realize the despair in those peoples faces. You are then shown the next highly contrasting scene, and you begin to belive that someone can maybe escape the certain poverty stricken life that is laid down before him.

Billy Elliot, unwittingly, and almost accidently, falls out (literaly) from the Junior boxing lessons that his very manly dad believes he attends every week. Instead he joins the all girl ballet lessons which are tought by the acidic but lovable Julie Walters.

What follows are nearly 2 hours of the funniest, gut wrenching, moving, and at times horrifiying moments in the history of movies.

I challenge anybody to see this movie and not have every fibre in your body shaking with every emotion a human being has.

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When is it coming to the States? Sounds like I better start working out now to get in shape! :-)

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Come on guys, dont tell me we got to see this movie here in the UK first.
When is release date in the US?
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You don't have long to wait. October 13 for limited release.
Meanwhile check out www.billyelliot.com
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Thanks Norde,
I was just about to do that, cheers
By the way, our own Jonathan Ross reviewed the movie last night on the BBC channel here in the UK.
He said that although this is NOT a weepie as such, if it did'ent bring you to tears at least once during the movie, then you are probably dead.
Also, I hear president Clinton asked for a private viewing at the whitehouse last week...Are you sure you got the right movie Bill. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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