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I've just ordered From Russia to Love on Region 1 (99% of my movies are R1). Now its strange that you should say you've had this a while, as the release date for this is in a week or two. I wonder if this is the same version as released last year or a new s.edition version. I think I need to check this out.
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Uncle E,

Is that English babe in the Dalton film Maryam d'Abo from The Living Daylights? As for Robert Shaw, he certainly seemed to age between From Russia With Love and Jaws--almost hard for me to see Red Donovan (?) and Quint as the same guy.

I am also a fan of On Her Majesty's Secret Service--you gotta like Diana Rigg, right?

As for Casino Royale, I've never seen it, and I've never seen it available. My impression was that it was some kind of farce. Am I wrong?
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Diana Rigg, wow, she was a babe in her heyday. I believe Brett managed to track down an LD of Casino Royal.
Was Casino Royal a farce. I believe you touched on this subject in your post to Worst Bond.
Its not too difficult to see that in someway or another all the 007 movies are somewhat farcical and ridiculas. In fact I liken some (the Roger Moore movies in particular) as early parodys of Austin Powers.
I agree that the scripts of late have been pretty bad. They have however, tried to remain fairly topical and (maybe) current events related.
The newspaper mogul, was that Robert Maxwell, I think so.
I think Brosnan is a very good Bond, and has taken the character into a slightly more serious realm with the touches of ruthlessness that he displays.
But, and a big but, NOBODY can take the place of Connery. He was ruthless, singleminded, and opitimised cool. That scottish accent embeded itself so much into Bond, that he became Bond.
Thank you MISH MONEYPENNY http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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Plain and simple--put all the Bonds in a room, and Connery is the one that would walk out. He kick all their asses (maybe he'd have a little problem with Lazenby, he looked like a pretty big guy. But he'd fall along with the others), then walk out with the girl. Hell, wasn't he the world's sexiest man at 68 or something?

As actors, I've had no problem with any of the Bonds. I suppose I probably like Roger Moore the least in terms of being like the Bond from the books, but he was perfect for the movies he made, which became cartoons. Dalton would have been better in more politically fueled, cold war era tales of espionage, assasination--the world just changed before he got the opportunity. Brosnan does well, but it's the movies themselves that aren't, in my opinion,up to par. And it is by design. I saw an interview where one of the producers, I'm assuming somebody from the Brocolli family, basically admitted that some people wanted to make a more "serious" Bond, but he didn't think the fans would like it. The fans expect big explosions and ridiculous stunts, so each movie has to be more over the top. Unfortunately you are correct. At this point Bond-Austen Powers are looking more and more alike. The only thing is, Mike Myers knows he's doing a spoof. Brocolli doesn't.

I'd love to see the next Bond take a step back from that comic book abyss. Something smaller with more real tension. It doesn't have to be a madman billionaire intent on killing and ruling the world. (Although, based on the Bond movies, it appears that madness is a prerequisite to having a billion dollars.) Maybe we should start a thread and get everybody's best ideas for a new Bond.

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How about this for a new angle.
From the creators of Superman, came Supergirl.
Why not have a JANE BOND http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif
Can you imagine the things she would get up to. She would come in and flirt with Mr Moneypenny for a start.
At the least, it would sure keep the feminists happy. LOL.
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You know, before they got Brosnan to revive the series, I read some articles that suggested just what you are saying. Shake it up a bit, make Bond something modern and different to grab a new generation. They suggested a Jane Bond, possibly played by Sharon Stone. They also toyed with a black Bond played by Wesley Snipes. Personally I pulled for an Australian Bond with Mel Gibson. Talk about getting back to the grit and cruelty of Connery. I think Mel could have pulled it off nicely.
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Come on you know little Mel is to short to be a proper Bond. Any way, I,ve seen him drinking red wine with fish. This proves he's probably a Spectre agent...Now number 3, can you suggest someone taller?
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Here's another vote for "From Russia with Love". A great blend of the tongue-in-cheek and the serious in spy fare. Most of the later flicks in this series seem way "over the top" by comparison. Sean Connery's early Bond portrayal holds up well...and how about Robert Shaw's villain---relentlessly sinister, a truly memorable adversary for the James Bond of any era.



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From Russia With Love, really nice movie, and istanbul looks great. Due to my business dealings, I'm there every month. Upon landing, I switch the tone on my mobile phone to the James Bond theme ( sad eh).
Anyway, I always avoid trains in istanbul. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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