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Warriors is about Bosnia UN peacekeepers ( UK soldiers) and it looks violent, true, hyper realistic, disturbing, extremely faithfull it seems. I will tape it this week from ARTE ( local French channel ) as it's not on dvd. It's on VHS so far but not on dvd.
BRAVO TWO ZERO is on dvd and tells the true story of S.A.S. team in mission in Irak during the war and I saw this one. It's hyper realistic and the battle sequences are "live" I would say ! Incredible.Sean Bean stars. Directed by the SAS team chief in fact.
It's on dvd (region 2) next week.
No affiliation with the BBC ( who produced both ) at all but a real fan of well done "realistic" war dramas. One that is also very worthwhile is SAVIOR ( superb dvd btw ).
Anyway, those should on top of that ( I know, VHS......) look and sound quite good in a HT system though this is less relevant compared to the content of these movies, which is disturbing and so realistic.

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