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Gladiator Region 1, got mine today, heres the low down....  

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Dont ask me how but my importer manages to get some DVD's well before their release date. Anyway, this ones 2 weeks early, and as this is one of my favourite films of all time I feel like its Christmas already.
First off the case is not what I was hoping for. Dreamworks should have produced something classy like the Fight Club or Magnolia case.
Instead its in an ordinary plastic snap shut case exactly the same as T2 ultimate edition(without the metal outer sleeve).
The first disc is in a flip piece of plastic which hinges on top of the fixed (underneath) special features disc.
Enough of the minor details lets cut to the chase.

First off the sound.
The DTS ES discrete sound on this disc is beyond belief!
The battle with the germanic hoards, at the begining of the film, will make you want to duck under the table to avoid those flaming arrows that are falling from the skys. They just seem to whizz around all over the place. Also, the impact of the balls of fire which are catapulted into the opposing army sounds incredible.
The scene in the collosium where the chariots are going round with the archers is just incredible.
Dialogue was crisp and clear and very well balanced.
The soundtrack music also came through very smoothly indeed.

The Picture,
As mentioned before, due to my HT room still not yet finnished I am currently watching everything through my Sony 16x9 RPTV (which is very well set up)
The picture looked very good indeed, but I would like to here from someone who has his(or her) Front projector on the ceiling (not in the corner of the dining room floor like me) to hear their comments.
A lot more becomes evident when the image is blown up to a nice size so I dont want to go on talking about something that I might not be able to see properly.
Anyway, from what I do see, it looks lovely.

Anyone interested in extras. Well, If you sit down to watch these,(disc 2) your family will ask the police to put you on the missing persons list.(about 4 hours) The best of which is an hour long feature on the real life Gladiators back in the glory days of Rome. Fasinating.

All in all, I will some up this way.
Thousands of people worked very hard for many many months, blood(some real), sweat and tears.
Around 80-100 million dollars was spent making this movie.
You can buy watch and keep this movie for $20-$25.
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Uncle Eric,

Haven't seen this movie in cinema because of mixed critics. Without going to the ending, is this a very 'bloody' film?
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Hi Eric

Thanks for the very great review, I see a fan there too !
Here's mine (at a HT fair) but I hope to review mine asap (should get it Friday). Elbert Lee did a superb review too, really.
I can tell you that viewing it on the Hitachi projector in progressive scan on a 2.5m screen, the immediate reaction was: wow, how detailed and crisp and accurate this image looks! http://www.spielberg-dreamworks.com/...?threadid=4204
Gladiator, I salute you! http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/020213.html
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Isn't a movie about g-l-a-d-i-a-t-o-r-s bloody by definition?

Opening scene is worth the price of admission at the theater.

Glad to hear the Discrete ES is THAT good. Couldn't bring myself to buy Haunting as it's a crappy film (IMHO). Gladiator will baptize my 5800!


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OK. I'm going to go ahead and do it. You folks may throw eggs and tomatoes at me, but that's OK http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

While The Haunting is far from a great movie, I found it entertaining. And the sound is superb. I was glad to initiate DTS Discrete ES on my 5800 with this movie. I'm looking forward to Gladiator (blood doesn't bother me).

I've got my protective clothing on, so throw away http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Uncle, I saw GLADIATOR again in the $ theatre last week, otherwise I might have to drop by your spread to see it. I need an excuse to visit the British Isles! Someday, I will. I'm really looking forward to this one. I love Roman Empire films. I'm so jealous you got it first. Who did you bribe? Tonight's election is so close, there is a possibility Al and George are going to fight in mortal combat tomorrow, for the White House. This is the tie-breaker! Best wishes!

P.S. - I hope the proposed Hannibal (of Carthage) film gets made.


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande
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I just read the review in WSR and they stated it has some edge enhancement in certain scenes. They gave this a picture rating of 4.5
They also mentioned the Patriot has having edge enhancement as well but gave this movie a picture rating of 5. This has me worried as
I saw the Patriot on my setup at 9 feet wide and was disapointed with the quality of the Patriot. It was by no means terrible but it was not the best I have scene. Shanghigh noon blows it away.
I must say WSR has been getting better with their dvd reviews and they were righton regarding the Patriot. With this in mind I am a little scared and hope this transfer meets my high quality demand as I saw this in the theater and have been drulling for this to come out on dvd ever sense!

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
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Uncle Eric

I have been holding my breath for this DVD - it is one of my all-time favourites too. Im glad to hear it will be worth the wait! Like Racheal I am envious too...


If you blink, you will hardly notice the most violent moments of bloodshed as Ridley Scott has used a lot of spitfire editing - think of the bloody moments of "Alien" and I think youll understand what I mean.


About the "other" gladiator battle, it sure is one to watch! Im on the 12th hour of CNN coverage now and and there is still no victor.
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Bloody? Well yes it is really, but not all the time and not too much. I would say around the same level as Saving Private Ryan.

I also found The Haunting entertaining, dont ask me why, very well made movie.

You are wellcome here anytime. Have you ever visited London. Dont forget to bring you boat. We have had 3 years rainfall here in the last 2 months.
As for Al and George, may the best man win.

Alan G,
The reason I was being carefull describing the image quality in this movie was that I do have some reservations.
In the brightly lit scenes, it looks great. As to the dark scenes there does seem to be very slight problems.
As I said, I've being veiwing through my RPTV so I'm not 100% on this.
Its very difficult to tell due to the sometimes deliberate allmost surreal colours and contrast used by the director Ridley Scott.

Its nearly xmas, its worth the wait.

good luck
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did you notice edge enhancement as Alan reports from the print Widescreen edition ?
mine is now confirmed for Friday, can't wait!!
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All the bloodshed in this movie is purely imaginative to a larger extent. You can mostly imagine the bludgeonings, the stabbings, clobberings and butcherings but you don't really get to see it all. Very cleverly directed by Ridley Scott.

I may be nuts. I watched this movie 2 times in the cinema to experience the breathtaking sound and movie. It has to be one of the most spatial soundfield especially in the opening battle sequence. You literally could feel the coldness and silence, and the breath of the horses around you.

CH Yeow
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You have me jealous over here Eric!! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy from Amazon!


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
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Not so much as edge enhancements (Alan G, this ones not THX mastered, thank god).
My problem is that in some of the dark scenes there seems to be a lot of what I originaly thought was dot crawl, but looking again it just seems a bit grainy. Dont know if this was intended by Mr Scott but I cant recall this in the cinema.

The sound is BETTER than in any cinema I have ever been. (And we have some great ones here in London)
Totaly out of this world.
I thought I over did the upgrading when I sold my 5700 and bought a 5800, but I'll tell you know, its the Rocky Marciano of all recievers. When Gladiator and Denon meet, two hero's rise, not just one.
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Apparently, the region 2 version will be available at the end of this month here in London. I know its overkill, but i will also buy this as well just to compare the video transfers.
Lets see if those extra PAL lines of resolution make a differance.
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you're not alone Eric, I will also get the R2 from the UK but first, the R1 tommorrow morningè! argh!
I might take two of the R1 or the R2, depends on the best one. love this movie.
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Keep us informed for a R1 vs R2 comparison!
R2 usually looses. But time going on, things may be changing.

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I think R2 version will be released end November. Will let you know.

Well, did you get it. What do you think?

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5 Star! Awesome reference disc to own. Why? A little edge enhancement, but with some superb sound and very awesome transfer, Dreamworks, keep them coming.

Great blacks, almost no artifacts. Razor sharp image quality. As I recall, it is sharper than the film shown in a THX certified cinema. However, although it is one of the best awesome soundtrack, I still hear more things in the cinema. But it is my cheesy sound set-up. Not to worry for those with high end stuff.

BTW, I don't totally agree with the WSR's dvd quality rating entirely, but I respect this mag for its informational writing. 5 for the Patriot and 4.5 for this disc? I'll rate it the other way round.

CH Yeow
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Uncle Eric

I just got my copy today and spent the whole afternoon devouring the film! To prepare for it, I made it a point to clean all my interconnect and speaker cable contacts in the morning with Caig De-Oxit and Pro-Gold.

I really cannot express the joy of the home theater experience that one has when your favourite film is transferred so impeccably onto DVD. I think you must be feeling the same way too!

On the issue of edge enhancenment, I noticed it too but now that Stacey has reported in the Benchmark that the DV-09 (and I suppose the DV-S9) exhibits some degree of ringing, I wonder whether it is ringing in my DV-S9 or edge enhancement in the transfer that Im seeing.

And speaking of Widescreen Review, Gary Reber uses a DV-09 as one of his reference players so I wonder also whether some of his comments on edge enhancements might be coloured by viewings on the DV-09. Perhaps WSR should specify exactly which of their many set-ups was used in any one review as Stacey has demonstrated a measurable and observable difference between the DV-09 and PMDT (which WSR uses also).

I dont yet have a DTS 6.1 ES set up yet but plain DTS 5.1 sounds wonderful. However, I seemed to notice (please tell me if Im going crazy) at Chapter 7, around 38:41 when Quintus walked into Maximus' tent from the left and calls his name "Maximus!" his voice on the DTS 5.1 seems slightly overmodulated and seems to "spread" or "leak" into the center channel and even the right channel in a manner that somehow didnt seem quite right. In comparison, on the Dolby Digital 5.1, Quintus' voice is definitely locked in the left front channel. Did you hear this Uncle Eric?
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Lloyd, CH,
I agree with you both regarding the transfer of this movie. If you remember my first post I was very hesitant on giving top marks to the picture department. As mentioned, top marks in this department go to Patriot and also Shanghai Noon.
My DVS9 has been tweeked to death and shows very little edge enhancement (keep tweeking and see), however, my opinion is that for some reason, somes scenes look spot on and others are not quite up to scratch.

Lloyd, regarding the sound. I did not have the same experience in that scene you mention. There must be some sort of descrepency with 5.1 to 6.1 DTS ES. I had more friends over on tuesday night and they saw this movie in Leicester square (forget which cinema, but a top one).
They said my DTS ES sound was far more detailed and had even more thunder than in the movie theater.
I would recommend listening to the chariot scene in DTS ES if possible.
This WILL blow you away. FANTASTIC
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Uncle Eric

I am going to get another copy of "Gladiator" to check if I have a defective disc though I may have to wait till next week as the entire first shipment to retail here has sold out (in one day!).

I am agonizing as to how to implement DTS ES as I have floor-to-ceiling cupboads against the back wall. Perhaps I have to come to London to watch it on your set-up! The audio is very pleasing on my M&K 750THX but must be awesome on your 150THX!

In any event, Im content to watch nothing else but the "Gladiator" DVD for the rest of the year.

I have one minor disappointment though: I would really have liked to see deleted scenes presented in anamorphic widescreen. They were all wonderful, especially the one where Maximus looks on as Christians are being fed to the lions.
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You are very welcome anytime. I will be also buying a R2 version next week, so will let you know how that is. Maybe the few extra PAL lines may help.
The cut scenes were indeed very good. There are so many that they can almost put them together and make another movie.

Gladiator II is coming http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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Uncle Eric

Have you had the chance to compare the R2 DVD with the R1? And have you viewed either with the Cinematrix-modified 7700?

I know this is nit-picking but I found the side-break a little awkward. Perhaps it is a DV-S9 issue.

best regards
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Recieved the Cinematrix 7700 last friday. R2 Gladiator is on sale from today here in London, so will pop out and pick this up sometime today/tommorow. This friday I have made arrangements to go to my dealer friend and do some testing on my moded 7700 through well set up his G70. ( I'm sure TK Chan will also be interested in the results.)
Of course, among the test discs will be Gladiator R1/R2.
best wishes
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early tests we did (just in rgb on a calibrated Sony Wega 82cm widescreen ) revealed the R1 is showing slightly better contrast, depth, color accuracy (!) and compression than the R2 (which has been done in the US btw, I have been told at least ). so, far, it's true that R1 discs are still better encoded and mastered, and the PAL resolution can't counterbalance it enough. no wonder 99% of my discs are R1 ( ok, the release dates matters http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif )
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Thank you for letting us know.

I bought a second R1 copy today for "safekeeping".
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Eric, I had a good time with GLADIATOR this week. I'm quite pleased with the picture and sound. But like LLoyd, I'm a bit perturbed by the layer change. My pre can't lock back on the sound fast enough to avoid clipping off the first word of the second layer. Audio relock should be reconsidered when they design these layer changes. They're trying too hard to make them invisable, fast. This plays havoc with the pre's ability to relock. My EX processor handles the rear centre, seemingly, quite well. And, I love the cool, blue look given to the Germania segment. Tints are so seldom used anymore, I wonder why? I have not looked at the supplement disc yet, maybe tonight? Best wishes!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande

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hi! at least I am not alone in my craziness about this film. upon comparing the two, I also will buy a second R1 disc.
ah, if Dreamworks had done a special keep case as for T2 SE, something in gold finish (not silver). pffff........
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What do you guys think of the LFE in Gladiator vs. U-571?

I had rented U-571 and thought the LFE was spectacular. Now I'm watching Gladiator and I'm thinking there's something wrong with my sub. The sub is working, but the house isn't shaking like U-571.

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what??? ok, first, in Gladiator, the mastering favors the front mains during the Germania battle (watch you receiver red dot for LFE data or not: you will see it does not lighten up often) so, if you have mains set to LARGE and the sub only receiving the LFE (never do that in fact! you always miss some bass), the sub will only work when LFE is present (same happens to the dts dvd of Jurassic Park for instance ).
I have my mains (15" woofers!!!) set to small just to make sure my 18é woofers get a good workout as often as possible.
As for comparing the two, come one! compare U571 with DAS BOOT or SAVING PRIVATE RYAN but not Gladiator. Gladiator should be compared, sound speaking, with BRAVEHEART or even sub-movies such as FIRST KNIGHT or even ROBIN HOOD. Braveheart is preferable though http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
The LFE is very active during the Tigris fight and the Barbarian Horde fight for instance.
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