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Rachael, Gladiator and Spartacus are the only two good Roman Empire movies I know. The others are very conventional Hollywood movies. They are laughable.

... Actually I love Fellini's Satyricon.


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uncle Eric,

Last night, I watched Gladiator and have to agree with every word you say. Yes, it is a very well made film. I like the colour tone specially, it is a dark story after all. Execution of the bloody fighting is within limit, conveying a sense of brutality with the minimum amount of blood. The use of slow and frame lapse motion in the opening battle against the barbarians is very very good indeed. The use of light and shadow in portraiting the characters is outstanding, really outstanding. My salute to Ridley Scott for giving such an excellent film.

The dvd transfer is among the best seen. It has the minimum amount of edge enhancement so there is no mess up even to the smallest details. I have just tuned up my G70 to go with 960p scan rate and it gives the most breathtaking viewing experience I ever had.

How is your Sony Cinematrix 7700 going?

David: can you tell me how to post images in the post.
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My only real caveat with the battle scenes was, why didn't the Romans use deapth charges on those pesky barbarians? If only they had used deapth charges this film could of been as loud as U-571 and more historically acurate!

Grosse, you named my favourite three! I have some of the lesser ones too. Try ROMA by Fellini, nothing like SATYRICON at all. It's his look at modern Rome. There's a rumour that the story of Hannibal attacking Rome could become a film, I hope! GLADIATOR's success, I hope, paves the way. Best wishes and salutations!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande

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TK: Good to hear you enjoyed the film. How did you find the layer change handled on your DV-AX10?

Oh, and did anybody notice Richard Harris breathing when his character is supposed to be dead?

As Lucilla is kissing Commdus' hand, your eye is drawn away from Caesar but look closely and youll see his diaphraphm move as he breathes.
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LLoyd it was Oliver Reed who was pretending to be dead! Don't worry, anybody could make that mistake. They both have creankly mouths and funny accents.... Best wishes!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande
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It was Richard Harris who played Marcus Aurelius Caesar. Oliver Reed played Proximus, the gladiator trader/promoter.

Vic Ruiz
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Are you sure it's not John Malcovich playing both of them, yea, you're right!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande
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TK: use the full url address ( like http://www.blablabla.jpg , and put it into these brackets: [img][/img]
if the image is not itself having its own address: right click on the image, select properties on the scrolling menu that appears, then highlight the address of the image that appears and copy it inside the special brackets ( address must always end with "jpg" or "gif" or "bmp" but bmp are often way too big ).
lke that: http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~madsb/wallpa...s/Image156.jpg

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hehe, the Romans should've loaded their catapults with depth charges.

Comparison between the 2 DVDs is unwarranted.

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The layer change has a noticeable image freeze, about half to one second. How is it with other players? Watched some of the special features on the 2nd disc last night too.
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Have you tried the 9000ES with Gladiator?

Is it just me or what, I keep finding myself watching the montage of outakes over and over again.

For what its worth, I tried listening to parts of Gladiator with and without the PS Audio P300: the difference is very clear on this disc. With the P300 using Multiwave SS1, the metallic clangs of the swords become super clean.

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My friend will have the agent stock 9000ES next week so I'll borrow it for a thorough comparison with the AX10. It seems the agent stock will resolve this RCE issue. Have lost track of what player are you using.
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Still using the old DV-S9 here.
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I might have missed it, but am surprised nobody mentioned one of the deleted scenes. The last one in particular is really spectacular. It appears to be a compilation of scenes (some are and sme are not in the actual release) set to muisic. I thought it was really excellent.

Paul V
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Paul, I just watched the supplementary disc. I'd call that last "deleted scene" a music video. I would of kept several of the other deleted scenes in the film. Lions, gambling, and scenes that showed Commodius' growing insanity, I would of kept. Best wishes!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande
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I would have to agree with everybody so far on the picture quality of the movie - Incredible!

A key issue that I have with the movie (or maybe my setup) is that the second disk when played with progressive mode on a DV-37 shows the worst "jaggies" in the world for all motion. When I changed to interlaced it all went away. Has anybody seen this? Do I not have things setup correctly?

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could this be that those supplements are not from a film print master , thus no 3:2 pulldown necessary ? just an idea, I might be completely wrong here.
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I just watched Gladiator, and I agree that it was excellent. I have a DTS 5.1 setup, and I really can't say that it was markedly different from the Dolby Digital soundtrack. Does the 6th channel make the big difference, or do some of you hear marked differences between the DTS and DD 5.1 tracks? Although I thought DTS and DD sounded a bit different from each other, I couldn't really say one was clearly better.
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I watched Gladiator last night. I found the DTS sound to be significantly more distinct and detailed. The discrete center rear channel (I have the Denon 5800) was the best I've heard yet, markedly opening up the entire rear sound field.
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One observation though, those armour worn by the Roman soldiers in The Gladiator, especially the helmet, didn't seem to be the 'conventional' Roman type as we come to know by the Roman Empire movies in the past such as Ben Hur, Cleopatra, or Fall of the Roman Empire. The armour plates worn at the shoulders, apart from looking most unconventionally Roman, seem to be of an univeral type for all ranks, which should not be the case. The army officers and soldiers, including Marcus Aurelius Caesar and especailly Commdus Caesar, always had a thick white cloth wrapped round their necks. This was quite unusally seen in other films.
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Still waiting for it from Amazon here... I'm going crazy.

Most of the clothes worn in Gladiator were wrong for the time period. The dresses Connie Neilson wore were tight, nice, colourful ones, but in Roman times, everyone wore togas, a sheet wrapped around their body. I'm not sure about the armour, but when they get to choose their gear in the Collesium, there are obviously some that look like they are from the Middle Ages.


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
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Did you happen to compare the DTS 5.1 to DTS 6.1? In other words, was the DTS better because of the discrete 6th channel or because it was inherently better than DD? I don't think comparing any 5.1 to any 6.1 signal will be a fair comparison. If the real difference is the 6th channel, I may be looking for another speaker.... Thanks.
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Hi everyone,
I was out of town for a few days, glad to be back.
Well, since Ive been back I have contracted Gladiator withdrawl symtems.
It seems whatever DVD I put on, its like an anticlimax compared to Gladiator. Everything else is so cheap and boring compared to this movie.
I guess we've all been spoilt by Ridly Scott. Somebody throw another 130 million dollars at this guy so he can give us another classic.

Had a look at my cinematrix player through my friends G70...only managed 2 hours testing, but I tell you...960p wowwwww.
Awesome value for money...I will do some in depth testing when my HT room is complete as soon as my 808 is up in a couple of weeks.

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The disc is great. The audio is great. The movie has alot of shortcomings tho. There is a long thread over at HTF to discuss that tho. It isn't an epic movie but a very good entertaining flick.

Haunting DTS still is the best sound yet.
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Finally received it from Amazon. In a word amazing. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Very happy with this purchase.


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
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Today's edition of the USA Today reports that GLADIATOR is the best selling DVD of all time, surpassing THE MATRIX. 1.8 millon units sold, 3.4 million shipped to retailers, amazing!


Rachael,la gata del disco Grande
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Is it just me, but does anyone else notice A/V lip sync problems w/ Gladiator, esp. around the 1:00:00 mark when Commodius is sparing with the Roman senate. I've noticed other instances just before and after this. But most of the rest of the flick is in sync. Otherwise, I don't ever remember being so drawn into a movie. WOW! John
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No lip sync problems over here. All the dialogue was right on and very crisp. I am in love with the disk.


It had to outsell <i>The Matrix</i>, Amazon had over 100 000 preorders for it. And with the great deals at Best Buy and CC, it was bound to outsell it.


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
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Sesbastian_M: what player and processor are you using. Just curious, as I am using a Lexicon pre/pro (adjustable from 0 to 60 ms) and cannot adjust the lip sync to my satisfaction. Thanks, John

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uncle eric,

Gladiator was one of the very few movies that took me back to the cinema this last year. I saw this flick at the new Krikorian theater here in Redlands, a very plushy looking theater. Unfortunately, George Krikorian went cheap when it comes to presentation; the use of very large lenses to fill those large scope screens wind up showing all the defects a print may have...and Gladiator's film stock seems to be very grainy is some scenes.

After waiting seemingly forever for AMAZON to ship me several pre-orders (that is it! No more waiting to be last in watching new releases!), Gladiator finally arrived this Monday. I watched it this morning on a 12 foot wide scope screen, via a Dukane ImagePro 9015 D-ILA projector (professionally calibrated), using a Crystal Image video scaler and Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player. A Isco anomorphic lens attachment was deployed in front of the 9015 to restore images to their normal proportions because I chose not to use the scaler's aspect ratio controller for that task since Gladiator is an enhanced DVD.

The scope image quality is astonishingly film-like and in fact looks better than the print I saw at the cinema because grain content is nearly non-existent. Images are sharply defined, and had no trouble seeing even the smallest details as resolving high resolution is attainable with this set up. Colimetry mimics closely that of film prints and in fact I think is about the same as I recall. I did find some edge enhancement bothersome in some scenes, but for a scope ratioed film image quality just doesn't get any better...

Sound wise, I could only listen to the AC-3 track since the S7000 doesn't allow DTS data stream to pass (I'll be checking this DVD on my HT-PC, which does DTS--have to hear it!). The Lexicon DC-1 Version 4, which is equipped for Dolby EX/DTS ES, sounds phenomenal through the 8.0 channel system. Metal clashes and similar sonic subjects emerge shockingly realistic, and when objects are swing around (like the chariots, etc.) one is able to discern clearly the directions from which the sound sources proceed.
Amazingly for a movie of this genre, bass is powerful and deep. My eight SVS 46/16 subwoofers had no trouble whatsoever conveying a realistic sonic portrayal of dozens of horses cavalcade at full run, nor the somewhat unrealistic explosions of the catapulted fire missiles striking people, trees and the ground. Superb soundtrack...

Although bloody, it has nothing in comparison to The Messenger in that respect; TM is about the most violent and bloody film I've ever seen, bar none. But wars in those days were bloody by necessity because of the weapons used to accomplish the carnage that ensued (not that modern weapons make human conflict more civilized).

There can be no doubt that Ridley Scott's genius has managed to produce one of the best films to appear in the last ten years. However, because of the subject matter, it demands direct comparison to The Fall Of The Roman Empire (the historic plot line is similar, and the featured cast comprised of Christopher Plummer, Stephen Boyd, Alec Guinness, and Sophia Loren, remains unrivaled IMHO), one of the last great film epics of the 60s...


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