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We are all familiar with the fact (when I say 'fact', please interpret that to mean 'my opinion' - it's just easier) that 'impact' movies (e.g., action, intense dramas) make more of an impact when presented in the theater in a 2.35 aspect ratio (or better). As long as there are so many lists going, I thought I'd start one about movies released in academy flat ratio (1.85) that really deserved to be presented in 2.35 ratio.

Goodfellas (odd because it's a Super 35 film and almost all Super 35 films are 2.35)
Aliens (the only Alien movie not 2.35, the fact that it's also the best makes it's aspect ratio all the more frustrating)
Total Recall
The Fugitive
Saving Private Ryan
Jackie Brown

That's all I can think of. Feel free to add your own. By the way, has anyone noticed what's odd about Austin Powers (the original)? The DVD switches between roughly a 2:1 aspect ratio and a 2.35 ratio for some scenes (e.g., scene where general tells underling to feed his fish). In the theater, it was all 2.35 (IIRC).

Maybe in the future, when all TVs are HD and all movies are HD (like upcoming Star Wars flick) instead of film-based, all movies will be presented in the 2.35 ratio. It even improves comedies (see Kingpin for example). Of course, it doesn't make them funnier, but it does pull you into the movie's world a little more.