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yeah, i think it's a matter of personal preference. i've always liked having a large image for tv, even at the sacrifice of pq. that's why, as long as i can live with the brightness, i'm sure this will be a pretty good fit in my space and for my lighting circumstances. i just wanted to hear from some ae700 owners on their thoughts about having a light or two on.

i've watched tv on my x1 downstairs during the day with 3 small 1'x2' windows at screen height open approximately 20' from the screen letting ambient light in, and i can live with that

upstairs wouldn't be any worse than that during the day with the bilnds closed so i can't see how i wouldnt' be pleased.

guess i'll just have to wait and see. like i said, it could always replace my x1 downstairs and i could just figure something else out upstairs.
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I have my 700 set up in my regular TV room, not in a dedicated walled-off doors-closed HT. I use it for everyday TV watching and of course movies so far; maybe after I have to buy one of those bulbs I'll start watching my bedroom TV more... However, most of the shows I watch are available in HD, and just look awesome on this thing. Anyway, I have can lights in the room, as well as an open door to the kitchen, and small windows on the wall with the screen on it. I ended up covering over those windows with that fake stained-glass stuff, but the windows opposite are just covered with miniblinds. I find that during the day, some ambient light is not a problem. Furthermore, with the can lights on and dimmed, as long as there is no light cast directly on the screen, the picture is fine. My normal preference is to have the pj light on low and have the room lights off, but it works fine with lights on, unless you're watching a movie. Movies tend to have some lower-contrast scenes than, say, Ellen or the Tonight Show.
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is ceiling mount a must?

looked & looked & didn't want to spend vacation money on a simple (?) mount, finally found one I liked at the local Big Box Hardware Store for $60 - an AVS-Vector kit designed for 13-17" TV, but it works great for my wall-mount situation... clean & easy install. In my case a ceiling mount presented lots of cabling challanges.

HDMI port experience: feeding it Dish model 811 HD rcvr, 1080i, via 12-ft DVI-HDMI cable. image looks like window into another place & time. next best connection is component, ~same PQ. mine is fed by a P-DVD player (also set to 1080i). if you use one/both of these, you can forget the S-Video port unless you want to use it for an occasional camcorder replay.

I use the VGA port extensively with my Dell notebook - all kinds of excellent display modes for this, very sharp PQ. If you do this as much as I do, I suggest buying an RF mouse & keyboard (~$100) so you can work the PC remotely.
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Originally posted by 16nine

is ceiling mount a must?
No. I tried both. Shelf mount is preferable due to quieter fan in "desk" mode. For some reason - the fan speeds up considerably when 700 is hung upside down.
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bfahle: thanks, that's exactly what i wanted to hear. sounds like i'm going to be plenty happy with it.

16nine: thanks for the tip. i'm pretty set on ceiling mounting it. i'm not too worried about sound. i currently sit directly under my x1, and it doesn't bother me. yeah, i'm way ahead of you on the cordless stuff, already have it.

thanks again...can't wait!!!
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what do you guys think about the velgro mounts? pretty reasonably priced and looks like it would do the trick:
I'm using the Vogel's Mount with my AE700 right now. It's a fairly low profile, good looking mount that's very solidly built. It's also got a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to take down if you need to clean the filter, etc. One tip though - when you're aiming the pj, make sure that you tighten the security screws since it firms up the whole assembly - it'll really save a lot of time.
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Originally posted by John Ballentine
No. I tried both. Shelf mount is preferable due to quieter fan in "desk" mode. For some reason - the fan speeds up considerably when 700 is hung upside down.
Possibly because heat rises which would mean that it is heading for the components when upside down - hence err on the side of caution and blow harder.

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Just got the AE700

Check This"


One question - What's out of the box contrast ratio and lumens?

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