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wow! never knew Zorro was such a good transfer!  

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just saw it for the first time on dvd. great transfer!

is saw it on HD OTA broadcast a couple of months ago and watned to see how the DVD stacked up. very well indeed.

not much edge enhancement, vivid colors.

Zeta Jones is hooooottt!


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I am glad you posted this because I just bought Z a couple of days ago and I figured since it had been out a while then no one would be interested in talking about it. I bought Z because I think it has the best score of any movie. I saw it playing on a high end system set up at Home Theater Store and I was also very impressed. Because I bought it for the sound it would be better if it were in DTS. I have not watched it on my system yet but I am looking forward to it.

Best picture quality I have on DVD is Galaxy Quest which was playing on the Hitachi 43"FDX when I bought it.
On another related note I bought Thombstone on DVD and I love the movie but it looks horrible on DVD. It does not have Dolby 5.1 or DTS. I heard there is a special edition coming out this year can anyone confirm this?
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Mask of Zorro is one of my reference DVDs. Outstanding picture quality and sound.
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Thanks for the info ... I really liked this movie. Not great, but it was quite entertaining. I've been thinking about buying it for a while, guess I'll break down ...

Catherine Zeta ... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sequel is in the works. Hope it's as good.
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Yeah... Galaxy Quest is somewhere up there...

I have to say, Zorro is gonna make it to my list of reference DVDs! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Glad to hear that about Zorro. I've had the DVD for some time and haven't watched it with my progressive scan and front projection, now I've got another movie to watch. Check out Seven Years in Tibet if you want to see an Awesome transfer. The movie moves slow but is fun to watch.
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Those Spanish guitars drive me wild. Cathrine's not bad either.
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Mask of Zorro Special Edition Coming. Don't buy the older version. This comes from DVDFile.com. They list a street date of June 15, but that has since been pushed back to 8/28 .... if you can wait, WAIT. Here's the info:

Though it has been available on DVD
overseas for a while now, Columbia has
finally set a 6/15 release date for the
special edition of The Mask Of Zorro.
The previous movie-only DVD release
here in Region 1 is being discontinued,
and will be replaced by this more
feature-loaded version. The disc features
a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer,
English 5.1 Dolby surround and French, Spanish and Portuguese
2.0 surround and subtitle tracks, an audio commentary with
director Martin Campbell, the "Unmasking Zorro" documentary,
deleted scenes, two still galleries with Costume Designs and
Advertising materials, a Marc Anthony and Tina Arena music
video, talent files, production notes and trailers. Retail is $27.95.
(Oddly, I remember the previous DVD release as being
THX-certified, but this new special edition does not seem to be
indicated as such anywhere on the packaging. You can check out
the full back cover here. Also, the 6/15 date above comes
directly from the Columbia press site. However, 6/15 is a Friday,
so we feel it is most likely a misprint, and the real date is 6/12.
Watch for the press release very soon.)

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