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Certainly this thread has done one thing - it's created a list of new movies that I have to check out. Still, I'll add mine to the mix although others have also mentioned them.

1. Contact - Carl Sagan's story of first contact with a non-terrestrial intelligence hit me deeply. Once you get past the hoopla of the special effects (which are decent), the storyline is quite intense, revealing that it's not so much what you want to happen as what you believe can happen.

2. Bicentennial Man - Certainly this one isn't a mainstream favorite. Most that saw it seem to dismiss it as a lackluster movie, but for me it explored man's never ending quest to improve himself. Man was this time an artificial lifeform, but the quest to develop oneself is mirrored by all of us at points in our lives.

3. Planet of the Apes - As I watched this for the first time in my early teens, the thought of what mankind could do to itself frightened me beyond belief. It certainly affected me at the time, and is interesting when you show it to someone who has never seen it. Their gut reactions to the final scene can be very telling.

4. October Sky - This story has been played over and over again in many movies, but since I'm a science-fiction/science addict, it held the most meaning to me. Following one's dreams and aspirations is the only way to achieve what you really want for your life.

As you can see, my choices stem from my love of the science/science fiction genre, but I do enjoy movies of all types. There are many on this list I've heard of but never taken the time to watch. Thanks for the ideas on some future viewing.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Frank:
If I order some of those books in your list, will my name be added to a government black list of dangerous people? =)</font>

You wouldn't happen to know Jerry, would you? You sound like you are from the right area. That's my favorite site, I've been ghosting it for years.. 5-6 years now. Jerry nearly gets it.. but not quite.

Here's another one:

By Dawn's early light.

HBO movie, about the stupidity of annihilation


Ken Hotte

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THX 1138

George Lucas's first movie.. and it ain't a kids story like the rest. It a real thought provoking film, and quite likely will stand as his finest work.

Until The End Of The World

A film By Wim Wenders, out of Australia, I believe. William Hurt, Sam Neil, Max Von Sydow, etc. Long movie, but good.


Ken Hotte
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They Might Be Giants
A judge's wife dies, he snaps and becomes Sherlock Holmes. He makes crazy look very appealing.
Without a Doubt, George C Scott's greatest performance and that's saying a lot from a man who became Patton.
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KBK stated:
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Frank:

You wouldn't happen to know Jerry, would you? You sound like you are from the right area. </font>
Jerry who? The right area being?
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Why do you always answer a question with a question? It sounds like one of my tricks.

Jerry Decker. Runs a forum out of that area. A clearly thought provoking forum. In that regards, nearly as decadent as it gets.



Ken Hotte
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The World According To Garp.

Robin Williams plays himself, he stars as his mother's psychological experiment


Ken Hotte
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Thank you Jerry, for continuing to provide one of the most thought provoking forums on the planet.


Keelynet is a MONITORED site. Use at your own risk. However.. if you really want to take a stab at figuring out where things are REALLY going and what is REALLY making the wheels spin on this planet, then you had better start educating yourself about what is actually real.. and what is not. It's a good start. Except, your head might come apart if you actually make an attempt to understand what is happening on that forum. Find out what it is like to create the space the pack may occur in, instead of merely lead it.


Remember, it's not how much you get ahold of - so you can live in peace, it's how much you learn - in order to create a situation where your fellow man truthfully understands how to live in peace with all others.


Ken Hotte

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Anything by Oliver Stone, especially

"Heaven and Earth"
"Natural Born Killers"

in addition:

"Tucker: the Man and His Dream"
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"Fight Club"
"Saving Private Ryan"
"Citizen Kane"

and I'm sure many more that aren't coming to mind right now.
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These will make you think:

2001: A Space Odyssey
A.I. (not out yet)
The City of Lost Children
Dark City
Eyes Wide Shut
Pi: The Movie
The Shining

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The Thirteenth Floor

More recently:
Tomb Raider

Thought-provoking... Almost any movie with an emotional impact is thought-provoking, I think...

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Never thought that there was another Russian sci-fi lover out there. Well, at least a non-Russian Russian sci-fi lover... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif


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A Clockwork Orange


"You know what the difference between you and me is? I make this look good."
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I find the audio commentary thought provoking. Two of the best commentary tracks I have listened to are on Seven Samurai and Dark City.

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A few more cerebrally engaging films:

-DUTCHMAN (1966)
-NETWORK (1976)
-PERSONA (1966)
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The Night Porter. C: Dirk Bogarde & Charlotte Rampling.

Very shocking and disturbing. Just think one minute of Ross Perrot watching this movie.. Quintessential European movie. Rachael, what's your take on Ross Perrot and Antonin Scalia watching The Night Porter?? GF.

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