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Silence of the Lambs upcoming DVD?  

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Does anyone have any information about the new Silence of the Lambs DVD coming out? I'm looking to pickup a copy of this movie, and wanted to know if this release will feature a new video transfer? Will it be better than the Criterion version that's out? Was the Criterion one anamorphic? Looks like this release will be.
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From DVDfile.com

Silence Of The Lambs special edition due 8/21. The contents
include a new 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, English 5.1
Dolby surround mix, English Closed Captions and French and
Spanish subtitles, a new 95-minute documentary "Inside The
Labyrinth: The Making Of The Silence Of The Lambs," (by
producer Jeffrey Schwarz who did such recent special editions as
Charlie's Angels and Hollow Man, as well as MGM's own
upcoming RoboCop reissue,) nearly 20 minutes of deleted scenes,
trailers, teasers and TV spots and a collectible booklet. Note the
Criterion commentary as well as all the text on serial killers, etc.,
will not be included on this version. No retail price is yet available,
but expect it soon...

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MGM's Special Edition of Silence Of The Lambs will be priced anywhere from $25 to $29...significantly lower than the Criterion version...and will be anomorphic widescreen (why widescreen, I don't know; the movie was shot spherical full frame. Oh, well). Have to wonder, though...why so many versions of the same damn movie? How many times is enough? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

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This movie will be the start of the new MGM policy concerning DVD's. There will be two versions of the movie; widescreen and full frame/pan & scan.

From this point forward this will be the pratcise of MGM.

I applaud this decision. It gives both movie lovers the chance to have their cake and it it too. When DVD first came out I saw this as the very best feature of DVD. No more decisions necessary as far as AR. It was done in the beginning by other studios but has been dropped.

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In regard to the price of "Silence", it's MSRP is $24.98, so the DVD should be available for about $20 at many places...

Colin Jacobson
DVD Movie Guide
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