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I still have my PE7700 as the HD803 I picked up and refurbed will not work in an 11' throw on my 97" screen unless I just dont know what Im doing.

However, I had my 7700 hooked to an Onkyo HT-RC160 for over a year with 0 issues. Then one day the 7700 stopped finding the display out put from the Onkyo no matter the source (cable box or HTPC). The 7700 works fine direct to the source but refuses to handshake anymore with the Onkyo. Any ideas?
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It may sound obvious, but it sounds like the Onkyo HDMI output stopped working. Is it under warranty? If you have another HDMI display, try that as well direct and through the receiver. If you have the same results, it's enough evidence to give Onkyo a call.
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Thanks for replying, I did try another projector running off the Onkyo and it works. My 7700 also works direct from my STB and my HTPC. Just not from the 7700 to the HDMI out on the Onkyo.
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Onkyo's are quite infamous for hdmi problems. Did you try a different HDMI input on the 7700?
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Only 1 HDMI on the back of the 7700 :/
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Hi there.

I am an owner of a Thoshiba MT700. After changing the fans 1 year ago and the lamp 2 month ago, I heard a "Clac" and now I have a very loud noise. I've taken off the lamp and have seen that my color wheel is broken. The Projector can still be turning on, the lamp start but the fans don't turn and I have that loudy noise (which I think must come from the broken wheel). When I turn the projector off, the fans start turning in order to take the temp down.

I know that I must change the color wheel but the fact that the fans are not turning when the projector is on and turning when it's off seems a little strange. Do you think something else is broken ?

And do you know where I can find a color wheel for the MT700 ? (I think it can be the same than the PE7700 but I'm not sure)

I've bought another Projector but I wanted to make this one work before selling it. Maybe it's a bad idea and I could sell it only for the lamp and pieces. What do you think ?

Thanks in advance

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Well my PE7700 had another fan issue. I wanted to post my experience with Benq which was just awesome.

Very polite and helpful. Let me send in my broken PE7700 and once they confirmed the problem trade up to a W6000 for an awesome price!

Couldn't be happier and my W6000 arrives tomorrow
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Wow, that is amazing. I wonder if they would let me trade my perfectly good 7700 for the new W7000 3D projector.
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So my PE7700 is still going and going and going and going and just won't stop.

I figured I would post an update to this thread as my 8th lamp is going into the projector. I'm not certain if I should be happy that the projector I had to negotiate with my wife over the $2.4K price has born out my promise to her of years(7 so far) of use or wishing that it would pass on so that I could upgrade. biggrin.gif

Total Frame Hours: 17263
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I'm pretty much in the same position as you and am happy to replace items as required (numerous lamps and two colour wheels so far!). There is a website that covers the majority of the disassembly and assembly steps


...but it stops short of the colour wheel replacement stage. I have expanded on the documentation on that site and added many more photographs and set out the missing stages. I have tried to attach the document but get a warning "AJAX response unable to be parsed as valid JSON object" whatever that means. So, if anyone wants a copy just email me.
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