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O Brother, Where art Thou?  

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In simple English:

Run, don't walk, to get this DVD.

I'll leave the technical for later on. This is just a laugh-out-loud creation from the Coen Brothers. The movie immediately jumps to one of my all time comedy favorites--though it's not as good as another one from them, The Big Lebowski.

Very good anamorphic transfer, although its colors are stylized to be a little off and dusty. Not something I necessarily liked, but otherwise first rate.

It's got a DTS option, or Dolby Digital, and I chose the former (which I confess I always do, without really having heard a difference in the two formats since Laser Discs), and there's some great music in the film which nicely uses the multichannel format.

This is one you buy, keep, and buy again if it gets played too much. I repeat: Run (now that I've figured out how it's based on Homer's Odyssey,, it's even better).

Nick http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif

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I agree. One of the best DVDs I've bought recently.


Steve's Stuff
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I saw this one in the theater. It's definitely a very good movie, but I'd have to call it a "renter." It's very funny, very enjoyable, but I just don't see myself watching it more than a couple of times.

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I personally do not like it when the director of a movie chooses to create a mood, or look of the movie by altering the natural colors. I hated the excessive blue in Traffic, I didn't like the green in The Matrix, and I hated how they took beautiful, lush green mississippe and made everything all yellow in O Brother.

These cases are an example of a director getting to artsy fartsy.
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I saw the movie last night. It was quite funny and the music was great. I loved the part where they are just out in the woods and they see the Klan gathering. Reminded me of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I also like seeing natural colors, but the yellows did give the Great Depression Era feeling to the movie. I think the music makes this movie rewatchable.
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I bought it in the UK, and I just bought the US version. I can't imagine not having this film in my collection. The music is so wonderful, it's worth it just being able to call up and hear "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow". I can see how some might not like it. We saw it in the theater, and some of the stuff we found hysterical, like meeting Robert Johnson (OK, he was named "Tommy" but it was obvious, seemed to zing right past some folks. We were giggling right as the car pulled up to the beautifully framed shot of the crossroads.

Some of the jokes almost dared you to laugh, like the Busby Berkley Klan rally, with a tiny bit of the Wizard of Oz tossed in. It's right up there with "Springtime For Hitler" on the "go ahead - laugh" list.
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I thought that this film was tremendously entertaining. It was outrageous! The Coens, the actors, everybody in the film was pulling your leg throughout the entire movie; clever as hell. Where did they get the extras for this film? I was falling off the couch just looking at those people, ie, that woman in the bank that Baby Face Nelson admonished when she called him that; go back and look at her face-she is the real McCoy.
The music was a bonus as well.
The best part was that they accomplished this without any of the violence that was in FARGO, although I enjoyed that movie.
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The Coens are brilliant for sure.
The movie is fantastic! Saw it three times in the theater.

My favorite character is Cousin Wash.

Mark A. Torre
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