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Collectible DVDs  

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So who else is lucky enough to have scored some of these rare gems? I was cruisin EBay, just checkin out a couple of the titles I own to see what they were going for and could not believe that the Limited edition "Army of Darkness" is going for upwards of 160.00. Im about ready to display it with some of my Nippon vases! Anyone else lucky enough to have that version? I think that it may be worth getting some of these special editions even if you have to pay a little extra because most people still dont have players yet. I guess some of the criterions on DVD are doing quite well that are no longer available. Anybody else think they have a title that will become collectable ? Scott http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Scott, some of the DTS high bit-rate DVDs will likely escalate in value, me thinks. Some of the rare Criterion discs are going for over a $100. In a similar vein, a Hong Kong pressing of THE SONG OF THE SOUTH LD went for $1025 yesterday on e-bay! It's hard to believe! Best wishes!


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Yeah I bought two copies of AOD, one for me and one to sell someday. I've also have the Live release of Platoon...don't know if it's worth anything.
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O/T I have a colllectible VHS edition of "One Dark Night" by out of business Thorn-EMI, I had 2 I sold one for $125 3 years ago.

The pre-records, came with a shell plastic casing. All old VHS movies used to have them, only Disney uses a shell anymore. Wanna buy it, it will cost you more than that Army of Darkness. I have offers still coming in above $300!! Even though DVDs are 'in' there are a lot of VCR owners still out there.

I own 263 DVDs in equipment listed below, but I still have some VHS movies that never made it to video. Like the John Wayne Classic "The High and The Mighty" 1954 color or Audrey Hepburns "Green Mansions" 1959 color.


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Yes, there's quite a few collectible titles out there. I've seen Criterion's Salo go for 350. Criterions 400 Blows generally goes for 200. I've got the Blade Runner CAV laserdisc up for auction now and it just hit 80 dollars. Cool. Look for the next big dollar ones to be Sid & Nancy Criterion, Hard Boiled (already $$$), and Silence of the Lambs Criterion. Also, Robocop and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie will go up very high. I'm lucky to own quite a few of these rare dvds.
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Hey thanks for some of the title mentions! I will look out for them in my travels. I'm not a pack rat but I do like to collect things and lately its been DVDS. If my fellow forum members are aware of some other titles that might go out of print and/or become collectable please let me know. Its funny which ones are seemingly becoming collectable, not necessarily the best movies. Heres a couple more I've noticed that seem to be doing well and some of you might have stuck away in your collections, Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory, Halloween limited Hologram Edition, and I think Evil Dead 2 collectors tin down the road (may be a long road). Scott http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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What do you think a DVD that contains all the full-length THX theatrical trailers in DD 5.1 (only a few hundred ever pressed) would fetch?
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Willy Wonka now has another (better) edition being released, so we have already seen the price drop dramatically on the OOP title by Warner Brothers. I sold one for 105 one time, but they now fetch around 35-40 and will continue to drop. Yes, you're right about the Halloween and probably the Evil Dead II tin. Cheers!
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I wonder if the original un-edited pressing of Devil's Advocate is worth anything.

I've got an unopened copy of Halloween LE as well that I've been holding onto. Though, now that Anchor Bay will be releasing the tv version later this year as a stand-alone disc, I imagine the value will be droping.

Good to hear that Criterion's Hard Boiled and Silence of the Lambs are doing well as I'll probably be selling them when the new anamorphic versions come out.


PS. Before anyone asks. A new version of Hard Boiled is more-or-less just rumor at present. I believe I heard it at one of the studio chats hosted by HTF.

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Criterion Silence of the Lamb is escalating? I thought this was fairly easy to get through Columbia House? What's a price you can get for it these days?


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Originally posted by John B. Holbrook:
Criterion Silence of the Lamb is escalating? I thought this was fairly easy to get through Columbia House? What's a price you can get for it these days?


No, it is pretty hard to get, and Columbia House no longer carries any Criterion titles. It can be had for about 40-45 on ebay right now.
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I have a copy of a Japanese LD SONG OF THE SOUTH. I wonder if it is worth as much as that Hong Kong pressing? It is one of my prized possessions but for over $1k I might have to think about it. That's unbelievable.
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Damn, after reading this post, I know what to do if I run short on cash!!

I have both the orginal Criterion DVD The Killer and Hard Boiled, I've seen both go for over $200(!!) each on Ebay.

I have the Criterion SOTL, the Limited Edition Army of Darkness, and the Evil Dead II tin.

Heck, I could probably make $500 selling just The Killer, Hard Boiled, and Army of Darkness.

I have the original Criterion Platoon on DVD too, I'm not sure how rare it is though.

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