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I recently ordered 3 PAL Sergio Leone DVD's of "The Good The Bad and The Ugly", "Fistful of Dynamite/Duck You Sucker", and Leone's masterpiece "Once Upon a Time in the West". All are 16x9 transfers and uncut, that means that The Good Bad & Ugly has the 10+ extra minutes of footage inserted into the film that was cut out of the U.S. prints and only viewable as a supplement on the NTSC DVD's. The only drawback that there is about these DVD's is that they are all in there original Italian language with no English subtitles included, but the joy of watching a Leone film is like watching an Italian opera, it's Leone's incredible Directing of his characters, the beauty of Tonino's Cinematography and the unforgettable music of Ennio that is important to me

"Here's to Swimmin with Bowlegged Women"