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Very pleased to see that Richard Attenborough's GANDHI is on the upcoming list! IMO, this is a superbly crafted film with extraordinary intellectual depth and emotional power. A great movie about a great man.

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I was reading about the Spielberg issue and it seems Schindler's list is slated to be released this year before Xmas and ET will be released next year to coincide with the anniversary rerelease in theaters.FYI. Another thing to consider is all the summer blockbusters appearing around this Xmas possibly!!

Mummy 2
Pearl Harbor
Final Fantasy
and many more!!!


Unbreakable 2 disc DTS
O brother where... DTS
The Grinch DTS

Who knows what else!!!
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Adding to the lists above for June 19, MGM is scheduled to release a couple of vintage Best Picture winners:
----THE APARTMENT (1960)--Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, directed by Billy Wilder.
----MARTY (1954)--Ernest Borgnine's Oscar-winning best actor performance.
These two won't light up your surround system, but if you like a good story, check them out.

Also, Frank Manrique or whoever else may know, is there any further info about when this year GANDHI (Best Pic 1982) is going to be released? I am really looking forward to this one.


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During a Home Theater Forum get together in LA, some of the guys went to DTS on a tour and asked about Jurassic Park.

DTS's answer was that Universal will be sneaking out re-pressings of that DVD with at least the quality of the DTS laserdisc's soundtrack (yippee!). The catch, there would be no way of knowing on the case if you're getting the fixed version or not.


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Thanks for the list guys ...

I'm looking forward to the Terminator 1 Special Edition (which has already been released overseas! Why the hell do they get it first?), the Die Hard 1 Special Edition and especially TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. ... any word on the extras on this disc? I haven't watched that movie in a couple years, but I watched my laser version the other night, as a matter of fact, and any dvd version has got to be an improvement over that crappy pressing. It's amazing that I actually thought this was good stuff before the invention of dvd. Not to mention, I had a slow noise "roll" for about 4 minutes near the end that just kills me. LOVE THAT MOVIE THOUGH!!! Can't wait! When is the release date?

Also, I think I'll add one to the list... IRON GIANT: SPECIAL EDITION is rumored to be in the works according to an animator on that film. Pencil Tests, deleted scenes, commentary, the works!!! Due out sometime this fall according to him ...
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Farscape #4 6/12
Cast Away 6/12 fox
2001: A Space Odyssey 6/12 warner
Clockwork Orange 6/12 warner
I'm so happy to see Kubrick movies released... but does anyone know what's wrong with the two 2001's (regular and kurkick collection) already out? Is the re-release so that the transfer be better? Or just profit? I believe 2001 was one of the earlier DVDs released, so it was probably before they really knew what they were doing.

Also, about Jurassic Park DTS... what was wrong with it? I watched it in DTS a while ago, and was with friends so not really paying attention to notice any problems.
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Universal mucked up the bass levels and performed other mastering errors when preparing the DTS tracks. It is anemic compared to the tremendous dynamic range and power of the DTS laserdisc, by comparison.

I also read that some DTS people said to wait about a year before buying just to be sure you get a re-pressed disc-- by then most of the screwed up DVDs would be in the hands of unsuspecting consumers.


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Well, I watched some scenes from JP DTS just now. You're absolutely right, the bass is very poor. I played with the lowpass on my sub, and very little content below 50Hz.

Just to be sure, I watched some scenes from Saving Private Ryan DTS, such as the beach scene and the tanks at the end. What a difference! The bass is SO AWESOME on SPR. I almost went ahead and watched the whole movie! =)

On a side note, the new 2001 looks good according to amazon... mastered from original negative and tape. Amazon will sell for $45! Yikes.

Also looks like a New Stanley Kubrick Collection will also come out June 12. I wonder if the 2001 in this set is the same as the special edition above??

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