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PAL DVD's: Which have reference quality video?  

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With all the interest in PAL DVD's lately, I'm wondering what are your favorite PAL DVD's? I'm talking best video, with reference quality transfers. So what are your favorites?
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National Lampoon's Vacation in 16x9? Wow! The NTSC DVD is full frame...and it looks trashy. Perhaps I should try the PAL version...

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I just purchased the new Region 4 version of "The Truman Show"
The Region 1 NTSC Version is 1.66:1 NON ANAMORPHIC.
The new Region 4 PAL Version is 1.78:1 ANAMORPHIC!!
I have to say, that even allowing for a little bit of unwanted Edge Enhancement, the PAL Disc looks absolutely Stunning.
The Color and Fine Detail in each scene is just unbelievable.
The Sound is great too. I could not hear any speedup.

The region 4 version of "GLORY" also looks and sounds superb.

I usually play my PAL Discs through the RGB inputs, I find that it makes for deeper and stronger colors.
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Norwegian release of Flåklypa Grand Prix. Although the source master suffers from nicks and scratches here and there it's one of the absolute best DVD transfers I've seen. High detailed - 3d like picture. Colors are spot on.

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The UK edition of Bound, 16x9 all new transfer, smokes the R1!

As mentioned above The Truman Show is stunning.

Halloween H2O, 16x9 great picture.

The french edition of NIXON, it's 16x9 and looks very good with my Skyworth.

Perfect Storm

Face Off, a bit old but still very good.

The Treminator SE

Planet Of The Apes, it's also 16x9 and look rather good for its age.

Rules Of Engagement, the jungle scenes are especially noteworthy.

Armageddon, 16x9

The Phantom

Vertigo, 16x9

I just ordered The Prophecy (C. Walken) from france. It is also 16x9 which the R1 is not.
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Thanks for all the great replies. If anyone has maore titles to add, by all means go ahead. I am going to limit my purchases to titles that I am interested in, in terms of movie quality, not just video. So with that in mind...

Is there a particular country that you would recommend the 16x9 version of Vertigo? I mean France, Germany, etc. Ditto for Face Off. I'm probably going to check out the UK Bound DVD and maybe Planet of The Apes.
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The Reg 2 version of Replacement Killers looks great.
Don't know how it compares to the Reg 1 version.

Is there any good on-line shops for Reg 4 DVD's that have free or cheap prices on shipping ?
Seems like the Reg 4 PAL DVD's has best of both worlds, so I would like to explore Reg 4.

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Thanks for the tip, Fredrik.
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The recent critically acclaimed, inspired and funny
Australian Movie "The Dish" has just been announced for release on Region 1 in a bare bones edition. It will only contain a trailer.

The excellent looking and sounding Region 4 edition is loaded with fabulous extras.
These include, 2 Commentary tracks,a making of Documentary,
a huge amount of NASA Archival footage (worth the price of the DVD alone), diary of Apollo 10, story boards, Star and creative staff profiles.
All this and it can be bought here for about $14 USD.(plus postage)
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Doug, please post an URL for a good Ozzie on-line dvd store that ships to the US.

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Look at jeroen's post.

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