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Best 'Restored' Classic Movie...  

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I saw the R1 North By Northwest DVD for the 3rd time the other night and was again amazed how beautiful this transfer looks.
If anything has been done better. What are you waiting for? Let me know.

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I must agree that NBNW has to be one of the best. Very rich colors no film grain wonderful contrast and last but not least very little edge enhancement!
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I'm still amazed at the restored DVD of "Seven Samurai" that Criterion did. It is the best presentation of the film that I've ever seen.
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"My Fair Lady" would certainly take some beating.

I believe that NBNW is not restored, but rather remastered.
A restored film is when they go right back to the original Film elements and to the best of my knowledge this did not occur with NBNW.

The Title that keeps getting an honorable mention is "Vertigo", for reasons I can't see.
Am I the only person who thinks that it is far from perfect.
I find the colors on the DVD generally ugly and certainly nothing like the original Paramount Technicolor.
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When I saw the title of this thread, MY FAIR LADY (1964)came immediately to mind. I noted that Doug Bull just posted with a similar opinion. I think this is very well done restoration---the sound and music soundtrack has been improved over other format versions, not just the picture. A good one to own.

Happy home theater-ing!

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I will agree with joekun.
Restoration work on Seven Samurai was amazing.
I can only wish that restored version of Rashomon is not
far away (I am sure that some pricate collectors do have suitable copy for restoration).
Others worth mentioning are:
M (restoration job of first class!)
Ben-Hur (there are some EE, but color saturation is amazing)
North by Northwest (already mentioned)
Mirror (I had no idea that such suitable copy survived)
The Third Man
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Don't forget Akira Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress (Criterion).
Wonderful job by the folks of Criterion.
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Lawrence of Arabia was very well done--it gets my vote.
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Everything from the Marilyn Monroe Diamond Collection, but particularly Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Both video and audio are spectacular for a 50 year old movie, and the movie ain't bad either. There is also a bonus video on the restoration process, covering how it was done as well as before and after shots running on a split screen.
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Hmm, how bout West Side Story? Just a nice, clean transfer.

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Rashomon is on Criterion's fall realease list, as are `8 1/2' and La Strada. Can `Dolce Vita' be far awy ?
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I have to agree with Seven Samurai.
The nice thing was that they showed what they had restored.
So "master" vs "restored" displayed a huge difference, nice job by Criterion.

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Just picked up Seven Samurai, superb.
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Include Bride on the River Kwai in this catagory. It looks fantastic for such an old film. A great release from CTHV.


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