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mad max on dvd  

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Hello all.

Does anybody know where I can pick up a new copy of mad max on dvd, I heard and read that it has been discontinued.

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Do you have a player that can play region 2 discs? If you do you can order a brand new copy of the Japanese version with both the American dub and the original Australian soundtracks for about $17 + shipping from Japan (so a total of around $25 I think). Here's a link:
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Give DVD Empire a try...

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Thanks for the info.

I wish I had a dvd player that wasn't region coded. DVD empire didn't have it either. Looks like I am off to ebay to try and find a used one.

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There any way to hack your DVD player to play other regions? Panasonic CV51 for instance? Its a hassle not being able to play other region discs, its not like I'm going to import any discs other than the odd one like a cool Australian dialouge Mad Max.
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