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Deceptive packaging  

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I did it again. I don't know how many times I've bought the wrong movie edition, but I just purchased the wrong edition of "The Shining". I bought it at Circuit City. I thought they would have had the new stuff out, but I got one of the old ones and didn't realize it until I couldn't find the 5.1 soundtrack at the beginning. I know I should be more careful but as far as I can tell the covers of the old and the new look the same. I think they do this intentionally to get rid of old stock. To make matters worse I already have this on Laser and don't really want to buy another copy.
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The new ones say "Digitally Restored and Remastered" across the top, beneath the "Stanley Kubrick Collection". Could be worse. I saw Ramones' Rock 'N' Roll High School DVD going on Ebay for $150 the day before it was announced it was being re-released in a few months. I'd hate to have been one of those people.

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I too noticed recently that ya have to be careful at Best Buy and Circuit City--very old stock in many cases.

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What's the aspect ratio on the Shining? I got the "digitally remastered" packaging, but on my 16x9 rptv, everyone was short and fat in standard mode. The back of the packaging only says that the original aspect ratio was preserved.

Sorry guys, never mind. The search function answered my question.


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