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Return To Castle Wolfenstein-- PC version  

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I'm stuck at a level & can't figure out how to go on, can anyone help?
I'm using the beginner mode, I'm about 5 levels in called "The Forrest" You need to hide on a truck and not be detected to enter a compound. Alarms sound when you're detected
I can't win this level. Any clues how it works
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Wow, I haven't played that game in a looong time, and I distinctly remember that mission. If I recall correctly, I had to snipe from far away. I then went over and into the base on the grassy knoll on the left side of the base, came down below the guard tower, and went in.

It took quite a few times for me to do it, but once you're in the base, head to your left. If I remember...once you're in the base it's ok if the alarm sounds.

I could be absolutely wrong on all of this, but I think that's what I did. :)

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I haven't seen the snipe gun, Everytime I take out a guard at a tower the alarm goes off.
Do you remember if you hopped on that truck that goes into the compound?
It says to, but I haven't figured out how to get on the truck.
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I rememmber that mission, its one of the better levels of the game.

If you where I think you are do not try to get on that truck, its the wrong one. You just took out two guards by this building(one of them was in the building) with a road in fromt of it. The road comes in from the right and turns in front of the building heading away from you. You can see a tower and a checkpoint from here I think. Don't take out the guard in that tower, at least not yet.

From the small building follow the road to the right. Eventually you'll see an area you can walk up from here off on the left side of the road(when facing from the building). You'll come up on an area near a tower with two guards on the ground nearby a tower. Take them out, and get the paradrop supplies on the near the guards in the opposite direction of the tower. Now you can take out guards at stand off range.
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Are those 2 guards by a tunnel or bunker that's in front of the main gate?
There is a machine gun & tower to the right. Is that the area where the drop is?
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I just spent 45 minutes trying to find my RTCW discs so I could re-install and play the game! lol...sorry...just laughing at myself for being so neurotic that I'd dig through old boxes and cd cases. I have to admit, I was looking forward to playing RTCW again, super fun game. :)

Still haven't found out how to get past that part? Did you do a search for any walkthroughs that are online? Hopefully there is one around that would help you out!

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lol Thanks for trying. I'm very new to PC Gaming and don't know sites that can help me out etc. I'll do some searching
This level is driving me nuts, lol and it's suppose to be easy!
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Originally posted by raster
Are those 2 guards by a tunnel or bunker that's in front of the main gate?
There is a machine gun & tower to the right. Is that the area where the drop is?
No, do not go toward those guards on the road.

Go back to that little building where you killed two guards and head to their right.
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Thanks guys!! This will help a lot!!
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Ahh...reading through that walkthrough brings back the memories...I knew there was a sniper rifle somewhere, I forgot that you had to find it and pick it up. :)

Good luck with the game raster!

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If you have the Sten (which looks like a silenced Uzi), then you're good to go. Start out by fragging the guys near the first building you come to. You need to keep your distance, and double tap them as stealthily as possible. Once you do this, I think there is some health in the barn structure.

Once you've done this, follow JuiceRocket's suggestion and head towards the right of the barn. I always followed the very perimeter of the map along the rock wall. Keep rounding the rock wall until you see the guard tower near the tunnel. The next step is to take out the Nazi in the guard tower. You'll have to crouch your way to him. Once you get a clean shot, frag him.

The way I get into the tunnel without being spotted is to circle around the tower guard you just fragged and down the hill directly behind the tree at the bottom of the hill. Keep an eye out for the guards near the bridge and time their patrols so that you can make it to the tunnel without being spotted.

Once you make it to the tunnel their are two more guards to deal with. Don't shoot them yet. ;) Just time it so that you can get to the door on the right (in the tunnel) without them seeing you.

Proceed thru the door, go down the tunnel and up the ladder. Once you top the ladder, get in crouch mode and make your way just past the little hillcrest on your left. You will start a decline. Stop there because a guard will come in plain sight before long. He will be patrolling the area, and I always like to pop him when he’s just outside the rock wall right below you. Once you’ve dispatched him, take out the guard near the M42 gun emplacement.

From there, you’ll need to crouch-walk all the way back to the right where you’ll find a silenced sniper rifle- the Snooper I believe.

Now, take out the guard in the tower (with the Snooper, and remember, one shot, one kill) above the guy you last took out near the M42. Next, sneak your way near the tower and use the Snooper to take out the guys you left alone near the tunnel. One shot each and be quick about it.

To the right of the guard tower you’ll see a elevated building and fence. In that building is a guard that can sound the alarm as well, so use the Snooper take him out as quickly as possible. It usually will take two shots to bring him down.

NOTE: you may be able to take this guy out before the guys near the tunnel.

Once inside the compound, there will be one guy on the water tower, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have one or two more shots left in the flooper to take him out. There will be one more guy in the building directly across from the entrance to the compound.

Once you take out the guy in the building, there’s one more guard patrolling the platform where the truck is parked. Take him out silently, and then hop in the back of the truck.

That’s it, on to the next level.

BTW, RTCW is one of my favorites!
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