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PowerMac G5 DVI to Samsung HDTV: Need Help  

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I'm thinking of using the Mac Mini as a second computer in my bedroom as a media PC/web terminal/PVR unit.

I have a 26inch widescreen Samsung HDTV with DVI in (TX-P2675WH). I wanted to see how the desktop would look if I had setup the Mac Mini with the HDTV.

So, I plugged in my Dual G5 that has DVI out into the Samsung TV. The problem I'm having currently is not being able to get the correct resolution for the Samsung.

The only resolution that works is 1280x720 but when I set it there the desktop is a little bit cropped. Half the dock isn't viewable, same with the sides as well. Trying any other resolution results in really weird images with scan lines all over the place.

Any ideas on what I can do/steps I'm missing?
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I have the same TV upstairs and the same thought bout a Mac mini. I would suggest going into System Preferences/Display/Geometry. You can tweak by clicking on the Height/Width radio button and click on the minimize buttons for height and width until satisfied. My thought is to click on the height and width button in equal proportion (e.g.; 1:1) to mitigate against image distortion.
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Hmm... I can't seem to find Geometry settings in my system pref.

I have Display/Arrangement/Color/Options tabs
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I installed the "ATI Displays 4.4.2" Control Panel (The one that Carlos is talking about) on the Mini Mac and it comes up with "Unknown ATI Graphics" and is missing all the options on the left side of the window that it shows in the help file. Having some of these options available on the mini mac would theoretically fix many of the issues that people are having with certain LCD displays such as static, red crawling pixels and overscanning on HDTVs but alas it was not meant to be for time being.

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The ATI Displays software on ATI's website is older than the MiniMac, ATI makes their apps/drivers for their retail cards and up until recently you had use hacks to run them with Apple OEM products. By the next release, I would assume there will be support for the MiniMac graphics as well.
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Perhaps the image is cropped because of overscan? I would hope that overscan didn't happen with a DVI connection, but it is possible, I think...

If there is a way to adjust the image size on the Samsung that would be worthwhile trying out.
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You're right about DVI not being the culprit. What I meant to say was that I hoped these newer HDTV's with DVI connections would not be set for as much overscan as the incoming digital signal would then be cropped... anyway, good idea with the desktop image
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