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Send me those links to any threads you feel qualify to stick into this thread.
With all the important basics covered in one thread people will not have to do a search to find these great articles.

TVONE Blending Info, General Q&A or just how to ?: Posted by MadMrH

Yikes, Holy Focus Guy Kuo
: Posted by Guy Kuo
FAQ: HOOKING IT ALL UP (from composite to HDMI and everything in between!)
Thanks kal
Gamma correction.
What is the best crt projector? (a ranked list of various CRT models, manufacturers, and basic specs) Thanks Ericglo.
Curt Palme's CRT primer.
Marquee LC Tube Replacement, step by step with pics.
Anyone for Marquee Maintenance?
Plenty of Tech tips and articles @ E Tech
How to hang a FPTV with Unistrut. With pics..nice thread.
Great Barco site: Thanks Frank aka Lynxxx
Mechanical raster centering on 808s
CRT OEM and cross reference site. Thanks Marshall
NEC PG series mechanical setup. Thanks for the link jnjloo.
Brian Hampton's Sony VPH-1272 setup guide, thanks GEBrown.
Software downloads & DIY screen ect. Thanks edgartolerojr.
Ampro FAQ
A fix for the Electrohome ECP
Is the who's who in CRT land. Thanks Chris.
what to use to clean CRT lenses?

How do you post pics in threads?