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What turns women on - DVD players, not flowers!  

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Hey this was a scientific survey with test equipment! http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/2001...gets_dc_1.html

Feline CRT technicians Katie, Susie, Fluffy Pumpkin, and Naughty Tuxedo
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"It's clear that flowers and chocolates really don't do it for women any more, so men should make sure they go for the coolest, shiniest gadgets" psychologist Dr. Adam Johnson who carried out the study said.

The results show that "the gifts we traditionally perceive as romantic fail to impress men or women today."

Well, sure. Compare a DVD player to flowers or candy and it's no surprise that the DVD would win every time.

Back here on Earth, it's the standard fare:
Precious stones & metals. Alone or usually better in combinations.

The writer from Reuters is truly disadvantaged. She needs to spend a day or two with my wife.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"
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Jeez . . . *maybe* there is just a direct correlation of the price of the gift to the "arousal level".

Or maybe they just love the DVD player because as a gift, you are obligated to hook it up for them. ;-)
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Read and reread the article three times:

Reporter has got to be kidding!
What she is smoking is not legal!
Wished she had described the "electronic gadgets"
Must move in completely different circles than I do.

You mean the old adage "candy is nicer, but liquor is
quicker" has now been relegated to the analog junk pile
and the new digital turnon is a cell phone or a laptop
computer? Right!

Brown Trout - 18 3/4#
You should have seen the one that got away!
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The new wave of marketing.

This "study" covering all of 20 people was commissioned by internet retailer Amazon of the UK, that also just happens to carry an extensive range of DVD players, DVDs and other such electronics devices that would make the perfect gift item for any and all ardent suitors. Link provided.
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Where did they get these women from? Amazon.com? And their "psycho-galvanometer" measured increased "arrousal" in their subjects. Maybe it wasn't the good kind? Maybe it was "Oh no, now I need to upgrade that television and sound-system" fear that set off their meters?
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